iOS 4.3 to include 4 and 5 finger multi-touch gestures and Mobile Hot Spot

Apple is really stepping up their gear, and will be soon pushing iOS 4.3 out. But what is very interesting about iOS 4.3 is the mobile hotspot where you can create a hotspot with your iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This will be a step infront of Google’s Android, as only very little Android users are actually having this feature now, although they have pushed it out first.

What is also discovered in iOS 4.3 beta, is the multi-touch gestures that supports up to 5 fingers. So what can you do with 4 and 5? Swiping left and right with 4 fingers will bring you to the next app running, meaning you can switch to another app running in the background without double tapping your hold button then select the app. Pretty cool har? What is better is the 5 finger “squeeze”, you will be able to go back to your home screen without the Home Button. So are we seeing Home button to go off for iPad 2? I doubt so, as gestures really will take users some time to get used to, so I think that it is just the first step for Apple to educate their users about the gestures. And of course, it is slightly harder to use 4 or 5 fingers on your small iPhone…

Check out the video showing us how the 4 and 5 finger gestures work on iOS 4.3 beta:


    So, what do you think ?