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iFun – Verizon AT&T iPhone 4 Ad Funny Version! [Video]

Remember the iPhone 4 ad that Apple release when iPhone 4 is now on Verizon. Yes, iPhone fans have made this version of the ad that mock at AT&T’s connections. AT&T in US haven’t got good comments since the first day of iPhone launch, finally there is a new carrier in US to share the load from iPhone users.

It is really quite funny, check it out. Have a great laugh, and they have really done a great job on it!

3DBoard – Makes your HomeScreen on iPhone 3D without glasses

Nintendo  launched their 3DS not too long ago, but do you know that iPhone’s hardware can actually have the same 3D effect we have seen on 3DS?

3DBoard, a cydia app, allows you to view your iPhone’s HomeScreen in 3D without glasses, with the help of Accelerometer and Gyroscope. By sensing the turning and titling of iPhone, it project different image of your homescreen, to project a 3D view of it. This technology actually remind of me of WII 3D hack that we have seen quite a few years ago(video below the 3DBoard video if you are interested!)

3DBoard is now available in Cydia App store for $3

Check out the demo video below to have a feel of it!

Wii 3D hack by Johnny:

djay for iPad – Very very cool iPad App

You want to know what kind of App you run on iPad will make the whole world jealous, djay for iPad is the App! It is a very cool looking Disc Jockey App which allows you to do DJ stuff with just your iPad and your iTunes library. Cool yeah? It is quite full featured with easy to access controls.

So if you are interested to see and experience how DJing feels like, you can get djay for iPad at $19.99 in the App Store

Do check out the video fo djay in action, and the features:

iPad Happy Birthday!

onswipe drawn a very cool infographics on iPad. On how much it was predict to sell, and how many it actually sold! 3.3 millions was the average prediction for iPad sales, but Apple end up selling 14.8millions of it! Such an impressive result for a first generation product. It really sold like hot cakes.

They also predicted that 114millions tablet will be sold by 2014, and 90% will be Apple’s iPad. So it is almost 103million iPads?! If so, Apple will be really happy about it! Let wait and see, Happy Birthday iPad, you have done well!

iPad is Iconic – Apple’s new TV Ad

Apple launched iPad is… ad last year. This year, iPad is Iconic! Of course, rumors are saying that iPad 2 will be announce very soon. but Apple has spend effort in advertising their new kid in town, iPad. iPad has been hugely successful due to the fact that it is a all rounder device which people from all ages love.

iPad is a very good reader device, gaming device, working device, communication device and more. In this ad, Apple show case their DJ App, Color iBooks App, iWorks App and magazine app. What can I say, iPad is really a all-rounder device which will be a cool member in any family.

iMacs survived through Malaysia Fire

This news came from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, which is very near my country! How tough do you think iMacs are when you see them in Apple Store? They look very neat, tightly assembled together, but do you know the iMac in the above picture actually survived a huge fire, and water after the firemen came.

Impressive ah? The 2 iMacs in the bridal shop not only survived the burning and water, they are still operable after all this! Yes, still able to power on and use! After reading this news, I can only say that I’m very impressed with how Apple assemble their iMacs and how much thoughts had went through to be able to build up a computer that tough.

iPad as Cash register, best combination!

Whoever that have thought of this idea of making iPad your Cash Register has the million dollar idea. iPad has large enough screen, very sensitive touch screen plus fast processor. All this actually adds up to be a very good Cash Register as you can touch on the “button” which are the pricing, then open up cash register.

Cash Register System such as Revel Systems has done a great job of implementing that.

Check out the video on how iPad can be used as a iPad Cash Register:

Apple’s Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 Ad! [Video]

It is really kind of cool for Apple to put up an ad like this, having both Verizon and AT&T as its partners. This is the way that Apple is showing that they are really not bias towards any carriers in US.

Let’s hope that the introduction of Verizon as a new carrier will benefit all AT&T, Verizon and Apple iPhone users, as it will really lessen AT&T trashing by iPhone user. iPhone users will have a better and faster network.

Check out the commercial from Apple:

10 Billion downloads from Apple App Store!

10 Billion downloaded Apps from Apple’s App Store is a huge milestone for them. Why? World Population on Earth is only around 6.8billions, 10 Billion 40% more than our world population! Just from a App Store from a company! Apple’s App Store is really a hit, currently holding 300,000 apps with 10 billions downloads.

Cheers to Apple and cheers to the 10 billionth downloader who got her $10,000 iTunes gift card, she can really download apps like there is no tomorrow!

Angry Birds – A real hit on iOS, Mac and Android [Video]

Angry Birds has really raise up and become the best selling iOS games, top downloaded App on Mac App Store, and a hit on Android phones. Why is it so successful? Because it is so fun, fast to load, easy to learn and hard to play! I’m sure lots of you guys have struggled for the last few stages of the games.

Rovio is now developing Angry Birds for Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned!

Wanna know more about Angry Birds? Check out this interview Video: