Playstation Phone can really fight off iPhone in gaming? [Video]

iPhone have been dominating on the mobile gaming industry, more and more causal gamer have went from PSP and DS to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There almost no challenge from Android and Windows Phone, but Sony is coming out with their Playstation Phone to compete with iOS Devices.

iOS Devices have been a very good gaming device, they are fast, screen is good and touch is very interactive, but the only down side is the lack of physical D-pad. And this will be the biggest advantage from Sony’s Playstation Phone, they have a physical pad, which will be a huge plus point especially when you are playing fighting category games, where D-pad and buttons are very important.

Playstation Phone will be running Android, but it won’t be available by Christmas.

Check out the demo video of Playstation Phone:

So, what do you think ?