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Design Cocktail 3 – Only 2 days left! Hurry up and get your bundle now!

Just a quick remainder for you guys that this awesome Design Cocktail for creative personnels! For more information on what this bundle contain check out my previous blog post. But below is the summary of the great deal:

And there is a great news for all the readers of! is giving all the bundle buyers will receive a discount of 10%. To get this discount, please use this coupon: 10off

Get Design Cocktail 3 here

Infinity Blade – The most stunning graphics for iOS devices

Epic Games after much anticipation finally release their stunning graphics game, Infinity Blade. The game is base on Epic’s “unreal engine” technology which was showcased during the previous Apple event. I would say that the graphics are really very impressive, but if the storyline can be longer or better, it will be one of the must epic games around in iOS devices. But we see the potential on how good graphics can be on mobile devices and at this kind of price range.

You can download Infinity Blade in App Store now for $6.99

Check out the below demo video of Infinity Blade:

Install Plex on your AppleTV 2G [Video]

New Apple TV 2G are running on iOS, and as we all know, to enable more features on your Apple TV you got to jailbreak it. Plex is one of the best media center app around for Mac, it have stunting interface and cool features.

Overall Steps to install:

  1. Jailbreak your Apple TV
  2. Download Plex Server on your Mac/PC
  3. Install Plex Client on your Apple TV by following this instructions

The video below shows you how you can actually install Plex on your Apple TV :

Tim Cook presented keynote at Apple’s Singapore HQ

Folks from Apple Singapore told 9to5mac that Apple’s COO Tim Cook made an appearance to talk about about Apple’s future in Apple Singapore HQ.

No details was told as Apple employees are not allowed to take notes, picture during the keynote. Tim Cook don’t come to Singapore very often, so we are very curios what is actually coming. Hope it will be huge and interesting for us people in Singapore!

Some of my wish list for Singapore is to have iTunes Store, so Singaporeans can actually download movies and music directly from iTunes. AppleTV 2G will be lacking if there is no iTunes Store in Singapore.


Design Cocktail III – A Killer Deal! Just $29 for $904 Worth of Design Resources

Design Cocktail has launched with even more valuable resources than before!

We are announcing today the release of the third Design Cocktail Bundle. This new and premium bundle by includes an amazing collection of high-quality resources for creative people. The best part is that the price remains the same, only $29 for $904 worth of design resources. You save $875 from the start!

The amazing goodies included in this design pack are offered by, and, meaning you will get only the best quality products.

This is an amazing opportunity for designers, creatives and artists of all types to grab some really awesome resources at a bargain price.

Check out some previews of what’s inside Design Cocktail III:

5 Vector Mega Packs from worth $280

Holidays mega vector pack  worth $50

Floral Mega Pack 7 worth $50

Vintage mega pack 5 worth $70

Urban mega pack worth $55

Web and soft mega pack worth $55

20 PhotoShop Brushes Packs from worth $200

Illustrations Set 8 from worth $110

1 “3D Sketch font” from worth $15

1 Revolve WordPress Theme from worth $79

2 HTML Templates from worth $60

1 Admin PSD Theme from  worth $10

10 T-shirt Designs from worth $150

The bundle will only be available for 7 days, from December 8th until December 15th and you can be sure that it includes only high-quality products.

Don’t waste any time, visit the Design Cocktail page, and purchase this mind blowing bundle now!

Pixelmator Image Editor for Mac for $29!

Mightydeals are having good deals for creative professional, and what they have now is Pixelmator Image Editor for Mac, and it is selling at $29 (reg $59). This is quite a good deal as you will get almost 50% off! Please note that you have around 38hours more as of the time of post before the deal is over.

Pixelmator is a practical, fun, and easy-to-use image editor for Mac OS X. It has everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images. It’s light, modern and beautifully designed. It’s also blazing fast and features intuitive tools that will get you up and running in no time, with little to no learning curve.

With Pixelmator you get:

● A light and modern image editing software designed specifically for work with images

● Full 64-Bit support for incredible performance

● Layers-based image editing

● Over 20 tools for selecting, crop, painting, retouching, typing, measuring and navigation

● Quickly and easily publish your images to Flickr, Picasa or Facebook

● Transform tools for images, layers or selections

● Fill and Stroke images, layers or selections

● Easy image import from cameras, scanners, iPhone, etc.

● WebP support

Please note that it runs on Mac OS X Snow Leopard only.

It is quite impressive for a editor at this price, check out below image, which is one of the text image created by the tutorial!

Pretty cool yeah? Check more tutorials if you are interested – See the examples and tutorials

Make Free Call Worldwide on your iPhone with Viber now!

I’m sure most of you iPhone users have been using WhatApp as your replacement for SMS, as it free, and you can send text to your friends regardless where, and only use up your data usage, now you can call your friends worldwide and just use data! This is one of the coolest iPhone App launch in recent days! I have to say it is much better than Skype, as not all your friends have a skype account, and Skype App on iPhone drain battery when it runs in the background.

Viber is different, there ain’t much you need to do, just download the app, enter your phone number, receive a sms from them, key in the pass code and you can start calling your friends for free!

Please note that as it is using internet(VOIP), thus you will need at least have a data plan, or connect to WiFi to make calls. Check out the video below and you will know how cool it really is!

Viber is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store

Playstation Phone can really fight off iPhone in gaming? [Video]

iPhone have been dominating on the mobile gaming industry, more and more causal gamer have went from PSP and DS to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There almost no challenge from Android and Windows Phone, but Sony is coming out with their Playstation Phone to compete with iOS Devices.

iOS Devices have been a very good gaming device, they are fast, screen is good and touch is very interactive, but the only down side is the lack of physical D-pad. And this will be the biggest advantage from Sony’s Playstation Phone, they have a physical pad, which will be a huge plus point especially when you are playing fighting category games, where D-pad and buttons are very important.

Playstation Phone will be running Android, but it won’t be available by Christmas.

Check out the demo video of Playstation Phone:

Put Gravity to your Apps on your iPad with GraviBoard

Tilting your iPad’s screen so watch movie, show your friends photos or even switching from protrait to landscape is the common thing you do to your iPad. So what if… your App icons follow the law of Newton – Gravity?!

Graviboard is a App which you can install very soon, to give Gravity to your Apps icons on your iPad‘s screen. What does it do? It entertain you when you see your friend’s expressions when the icons start dropping and flowing according to how the screen is tilt or rotated.

Check out the demo video of Graviboard below:

Apple laptop is the best

PC World have published results for its annual reliability survey, gathering reports from over 79,000 users to access how happy and reliable for their beloved laptops brands. Once again, Apple is top in ranks in most of the categories. Quote from PC World: “Apple once again smoked the competition”.

Apple once again smoked the competition in the desktop, notebook, and smartphone categories, winning high praise from customers in all reliability and service categories. The Macintosh and iPhone maker did so well that virtually all its scores were above average. Apple’s only average scores were related to the company’s deftness at replacing failed notebook components, and in two areas pertaining to serious problems with the iPhone, the latter perhaps stemming from the iPhone 4’s well-publicized antenna issue that resulted in dropped calls for some users

Apple did very well in “Problem on Arrival”, “Any significant problem”, “Any core component problem”, “Overall satisfaction”, “Phone on Hold”, “Problem was never resolved” and “Service Experience”! It is 7 out of 8 of them! The only one that Apple did not as well is “Any failed component replaced” category.

I’m sure I am one of the happy customer of Apple as I have been loving my 13″ Macbook Pro for almost 2 years. The built was great and solid, fast and no problem at all, and many thanks to Snow Leopard for the speedy OS. I’m sure Apple’s customer service is still going to be the best around for many years to come. Cheers to Apple!