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Merry Christmas to all UsingApple Readers!

Hohoho, Merry Christmas to all’s Readers! Thanks for Supporting us for the past 1 year! Many thanks to all the iOS Developers, Case Manufacturer, Apple Accessories makers for supporting us and sending us your products for us to review. Hope all readers enjoy the coming holidays and have a eventful 2011 and stay Healthy!

Of course, don’t stop buying Apple Products! :X

Android Honeycomb Tablet from Motorola on the way [Video]

Year 2011 will be the Year of Tablets, as we can see the tablet war slowly raising… With iPad getting 85% of the tablet market, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab catching up, but everyone else is also entering the market in 2011. Palm is working on Topaz with the backing of HP, Blackberry coming up with their PlayBook and now Motorola is also teasing us with Android Honeycomb Tablet. Of course, Apple will not be letting us down, as iPad 2 should be on its way by 2011 too.

Indeed Year 2011 will really be the year of tablet! Let’s take a look at Motorola’s tablet teaser ads:

iPad Mini Rumors

iPad Mini leaked?

Taiwanese Pop Star Jimmy Lin, posted a picture of himself holding an iPad and a “iPad Mini” lookalike. He claims it to be a iPad Mini, but we all know it is not possible as Steve won’t let leaks be posted like this. Not especially when iPhone 4 have been leaked out just recently.

Jimmy, is not only Pop Star, but also a Racing Driver and a Tech Firm Founder might be able to get prototype like this, although it might not be Apple’s iPad, but some iPad Clones. Nevertheless, I feel that a slightly smaller and lighter iPad will be better as it will be easier to hold and use.

It is also rumored that iPad 2 will be coming to us by end of February 2011, which is close to the 1 year mark when iPad first launch.

Apple Published 6 free iBooks for Developers!

Apple have published 6 free iBooks in iBooks Stores for Developers! The quality of the iBooks seems to be top-notched. It looks like how iBooks should be.

Although the books mainly attracts developers, but it seems to be a good first step for them to push the iBooks Store, and a good place for interested developers to start learning and developing for iOS. The titles are namely: iOS Application Programming, iOS Technology Overview, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Object Orientated Programming with Objective-C, The Objective-C Programming Language and Cocoa Fundamental’s Guide.

You can download the eBooks from iBooks Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Although I hope iBookStore will be coming to the Mac soon! Would love reading on my Mac too!

Tap Tap Revenge 4 free with 100 songs!

The super popular iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge’s 4th generation is now free and available in Apple’s App Store. You are also getting 100 tracks free for the Tap Tap Revenge 4 download, which is awesome! Songs includes are songs from Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Rihanna, and more!

Tap Tap Revenge’s Company Tapulous is now owned by Disney and seems to be more generous on the tracks. This might be because of the strong backing of Disney, and Disney’s Artists. TTR4 not only have better graphics but also includes more social features like sharing scores over Facebook or Twitter.

Download Tap Tap Revenge 4 From Apple’s App Store now!

iPhone 5 Chinese Clone hits market!

iPhone 5 won’t be release by Apple, not at least by June. But iPhone 5 Chinese Clone is already out in the market, and it looks really like iPhone.

The body of the Clone, looks like iPhone, it even have a microphone beside its headphone jack which is newly added in iPhone 4. The OS that it is running seems to be like Android as it has slight lag, and don’t really look like native iOS. But what is interesting is that the Apps it is running seems like iPhone Apps.

Check out the video of the Chinese iPhone 5 Clone:

AirPlay to your Mac with a simple App!

I’m sure lots of iPad/iPhone and Apple TV owners have been enjoying the AirPlay feature which came with iOS 4.2 update. With iOS 4.2, iPad/iPhone and AppleTV, you will be able to stream what is playing on your iPad/iPhone to your AppleTV and continue watching.

This is a very cool feature as you can have a seamless playback process after you reach home, you can continue watching your favorite show while you are on the way back home. But what if I want to watch it on my Mac Mini/Macs and not my Apple TV. You cant, but now you can as Erica Sadun have written an AirPlayer application for Mac!

Check out the demo video:

You can download the here.

Why I think 7 Inch iPad is relevant

iPad 2G coming early year 2011

Its almost end of 2010, and iPad will be refreshing by early next year as Apple normally refresh their products yearly. This includes iPhone, iMac, Macbooks, thus I treat it that iPad will be refreshing yearly too. iPad has been very successfully, it attracts alot of new users, especially older or younger generation.

What to expect for iPad 2G?

So what can we expect for the new iPad? On the safe side, I’m sure iPad 2G will have at least a front facing camera for FaceTime. I’m still thinking if there is any reasons to put a rear facing camera for iPad, as I don’t see any use case for it. Apple has been adding camera to almost all their products which includes iPhone, iPod Touch and Macs, thus iPad will be the last in line to have FaceTime.

iPad 2G Better Screen, longer battery life and weigh less?

iPad 2G should a better resolution screen, Retina should be on the way, although it will cost more, but I feel that A4 Processor should be still good enough to power iPad 2G, thus overall manufacturing iPad 2G should be cheaper, except Retina Display and maybe even more powerful battery to extend iPad’s battery life even more. iPad has been getting around 7-10hours of battery life depending on how you use it, it is very impressive, but no one will complain if iPad 2G get even better battery life.

But I feel is that iPad should be abit smaller, maybe the size of 7inch, so holding it is easier, and I can use 2 thumbs to type when I hold it in a portrait mode. The current iPad is slightly too big for Asian’s hands when I’m holding iPad, typing with my thumbs is still ok, but it will be more comfortable if it is slightly smaller. Smaller means lighter right? I feel that the current iPad is really abit too heavy for anyone to hold up for more than 15minutes. If Apple can bring the weight of it to less than 500gram, it will be much better compare to current 0.6-0.7kg.

So are we going to see what I hope iPad can be for generation 2? Let’s wait for it to come out, and hope that we will all be surprise with what is coming!

iReview: Fruit Blast

MEDL Mobile have recently invited me to do a review of Fruit Blast, a app built by a father and son. It seems to be pretty interesting as father now build apps with kids rather than lego or treehouse. It is really amazing how our world have evolved and changed!

Fruit Blast have a very interesting concept, by using Apple iOS’s accelerometer to  detect your aiming let you fire off weapons to “destroy” fruits that are throw at you by a monkey! It is pretty difficult to aim at first, but after a few rounds it is quite fun. I would say that the start up screen is abit confusing, so I’m not sure how to start playing the game, but after awhile you will understand what you need to do to play. They have in app purchasing system, where you can actually buy more seeds to upgrade your weapons so you can destroy the fruits easier and faster!

Check out the demo video of Fruit Blast:

Download Fruit Blast from App Store now at $0.99