Make Free Call Worldwide on your iPhone with Viber now!

I’m sure most of you iPhone users have been using WhatApp as your replacement for SMS, as it free, and you can send text to your friends regardless where, and only use up your data usage, now you can call your friends worldwide and just use data! This is one of the coolest iPhone App launch in recent days! I have to say it is much better than Skype, as not all your friends have a skype account, and Skype App on iPhone drain battery when it runs in the background.

Viber is different, there ain’t much you need to do, just download the app, enter your phone number, receive a sms from them, key in the pass code and you can start calling your friends for free!

Please note that as it is using internet(VOIP), thus you will need at least have a data plan, or connect to WiFi to make calls. Check out the video below and you will know how cool it really is!

Viber is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store

So, what do you think ?