iReview: Fruit Blast

MEDL Mobile have recently invited me to do a review of Fruit Blast, a app built by a father and son. It seems to be pretty interesting as father now build apps with kids rather than lego or treehouse. It is really amazing how our world have evolved and changed!

Fruit Blast have a very interesting concept, by using Apple iOS’s accelerometer to  detect your aiming let you fire off weapons to “destroy” fruits that are throw at you by a monkey! It is pretty difficult to aim at first, but after a few rounds it is quite fun. I would say that the start up screen is abit confusing, so I’m not sure how to start playing the game, but after awhile you will understand what you need to do to play. They have in app purchasing system, where you can actually buy more seeds to upgrade your weapons so you can destroy the fruits easier and faster!

Check out the demo video of Fruit Blast:

Download Fruit Blast from App Store now at $0.99

So, what do you think ?