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Sixth Day of Xmas, and you will be getting Michael Buble!

Yes, Michael Buble for your 6th day of Christmas! Not bad at all, I’m not a fan of him, but he has a very nice voice, so don’t wait, get his A Holiday Gift for You EP from iTunes. Now we are at the half way mark of 12 Days of Christmas, and today is the very last day of 2010. I would like to take this chance to wish all UsingApple’s reader a very successful 2011 and hope you guys stay healthy!

Skype for iOS now supports Video Calling over 3G!

Skype now supports video calling on iPhone via 3G or Wifi! This is should a good news, as we all have been waiting for this Skype update for months. Now you can not only Skype with your friends via Desktop/Laptop, you can now Skype your friends on your iPhone 4 anywhere under the sun!

Skype have now more than 521 millions users, this is as many users as Facebook! How amazing is this? So now you can Skype anywhere, to anyone! Be sure to download Skype on your iDevices today!

Check out the Video from Skype, announcing it to the whole world:

Fifth Day of Christmas – Free iBook Life of Pi

Life Of Pi is available for download in iBooks. iBooks is an amazing new way to download and read books on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can download iBooks from the iTunes Store or App Store.

If you do not have any iDevices, iTunes is also giving out free song from Clare Maguire.

To access the downloads, you will need to install iTunes and create an iTunes Store Account. If you are using Google Chrome and unable to access the free downloads, please try another web browser.

Stay Tuned at UsingApple for our daily reports on the Free iTunes Gifts for the next 7 days!

Gesture Sensing iPad Dock = Kinect-iPad?

Microsoft Kinect’s response from Market has been very good, this tells us 2 things, Gesture Sensing is cool and getting popular. So what is you combine Kinect with iPad? Is it going to be useful?

Elliptic Labs set to debut their 3D gesture-sensing iPad dock that will allow you to control your iPad by just waving your hands. This might be very useful for people who use their iPad while they are cooking or eating dinner when their hands are oily or dirty. Of course there will be other use case like changing songs without touching or going to too near your iPad.

Check out the demo video from Elliptic Labs on their 3D Gesture Sensing iPad Dock.

4th Day of Christmas – Free Fishing Kings iOS App

You will be getting free iOS Game from iTunes for the 4th days of Christmas, Fishing Kings. Note that it is not only free for iPhone and iPod Tune, Gameloft is giving off iPad’s version for free too! Download Fishing Kings HD for Free here!

Fishing Kings is a 3D Fishing iOS Game, it is quite fun and the graphics are very good.

Don’t forget to get your free copy of iOS Games, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s free gift.

Apple’s Successful 2010 Summarized in 3.5minutes [Video]

Year 2010 has been a very busy but successful year for Apple as a company. Not only they have launch their newest innovation iPad, iPad also sold like hot cakes. Of course, iPad is not the only achievement, iPhone 4 although was leaked, then anntenagate, but it did not stop iPhone 4 to be the best selling iPhone ever. Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac has gotten refresh, and sold very well. Another impressive refresh from Apple is Macbook Air, it now have Solid-State Drive as its hard drive, it also got cheaper, and honesty it is the most interesting Macbook in the Macbook line.

Check out the summary of Apple’s 2010 in the below video!

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas from Apple – Free gives away!

As a norm, Apple will be giving out free gifts for the next 12 days after christmas. So you will be able to get free songs, or video from iTunes. So from 26 Dec – 6 Jan, you can go to or download the Official App from iTunes to keep track and remind you of the free gifts iTunes are giving out.

For 26 Dec, you can download Cheryl Cole’s Free song and Video Bundle for 24 hours before a new song/app/music video is release for free. Don’t forget it get it! Its all free if you have iTunes account.

Turn your iPad into laptop with Clamcase

iPad can be said to be one of the best web surfing device ever created, it is the best way for you to consume media and web contents. But one of the lacking point of iPad is the lack of keyboard, although iPad’s virtual keyboard is not a bad way to type, but it is not as fast and good as a keyboard.

Clamcase has presented a proof-of-concept video of a case retail at $149, that consist of a bluetooth keyboard and case which transform your iPad into a virtual laptop, which you can use as a laptop or just the normal iPad.