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FaceTime with iPhone 3GS with FaceIt-3GS

iPhone 3GS users, you can finally FaceTime with iPhone 4/iPod Touch or Mac users now! Thanks to iPhoneIslam, they have created a Cydia App which you can download to FaceTime with your friends.

The App is called FaceIt-3GS, you can download it in Cydia App Store, which allows iPhone 3GS users to FaceTime with their rear Camera as iPhone 3GS do not have front-facing Camera.

Check out the Demo video, it is pretty neat!

FaceIT 3GS from iPhoneIslam on Vimeo.

iOS 4.2 runs fast on iPhone 3G!

Remember how much complains we have when so many iPhone 3G users upgraded to iOS 4.0? It lags like hell when I upgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0, and have no choice to downgrade it back! iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0 is almost unusable! Slight improvement when Apple release iOS 4.1, but it seems like iOS 4.2 really fix the issue, and it seems to run very smoothly, of course you can’t compare it to iPhone 4.

But check out the video from TipB below, it seems like iPhone 3G users should really upgrade to iOS 4.2 if you wish to have the power of multi-tasking and folders, but don’t wish your phone to lag like a Windows Mobile Phone.

Tactile D-Pad for iPhone and iPad

One main issue with iPhone and iPad gaming is that the lack of physical buttons, so playing games that requires D-Pads or pushing of buttons is weird as most iPhone/iPad games now uses virtual D-Pads and buttons. It makes the games harder to play as the buttons and virtual d-pad are not as ease to use, especially when you need to look at the d-pad to make the move rather than the screen play itself.

Japan as always come out with very creative stuff, now they have come out with this Stick-on Tactile D-Pad and Buttons for iPhone and iPad! You can now stick them onto your iPhone/iPad screen so you can have a “Physical” buttons and D-Pad, and you can enjoy your gaming on iPhone or iPad even more! You can buy the stick on buttons from Japan at around 630yen which is around USD$7.80 or around Singapore Dollar $10.

We have no idea how many times you can pull out and stick back the stick on buttons, mostly they can last for at least a few stick-on else, it will be $10 per game, which is totally not worth it.

Quake 3 Arena running Full Screen on iPad

We can now run Full Screen Quake 3 on iPad! What more, it is coming to Cydia store for all jailbroken iPad! In the demo video below, the games seems to be running fine with no lags, one issue is the virtual D-Pad and keypads. Other than it, iPad will be one of the greatest gaming device!

Check out the Quake 3 Arena Demo Video below:

Plex Media Center App running on Jailbroken Apple TV Gen 2

I’m always in love with Plex, as they have stunning UI, looks greats and works great! Plex helps you organize and play your media, on your Mac. Now Plex is coming to your 2nd Gen Apple TVs! Although Plex will only work on jailbroken Apple TV, but imagine a USD$99 Apple TV running Plex will be a huge plus point for us. Especially guys who are outside of US where we can’t really rent nor buy Movies or Shows from iTunes.

Currently Plex for Apple TV is still at proof of concept stage, I’m sure we will be hearing from them very soon!

Mac Mini Price Drop internationally, but not in Singapore nor US!

Apple have quietly dropped their Mac Mini‘s price by quite a fair bit, but we have not seen any price drop in US nor Singapore! In UK, price of Mac Mini dropped from £649 to £599 and £929 to £879! There are a similar price drop in other European countries. It has been a while since Apple drop prices of existing Macs even before they refresh the line.

So if you are waiting to buy a Mac Mini in Europe, it is your time now, since you will also get the new iLife 2011 which will come bundle free with any new Mac purchased.