Do you feel that iPad Apps are Overpriced?

Do you feel that iPad Apps are overpriced? How much difference is iPad Apps to iPhone’s Apps? To be honest, they are almost exactly the same, just that the screen resolution is different, but look at the price difference. It is huge! The average price for iPad in the top 100 paid Apps is $5.80! It is rather expensive! How much more expensive? They are charging 171% more than those in iPhone top 100 paid apps!

So why are iPad Apps so much more expensive? Honestly, I don’t know.. I know that developers have to scale up their apps resolutions, some even redesigned it to make full use of iPad’s Screen. But why are they so much more expensive?

The only reason I can find is iPad is new, and it is still look up as a premiere product, thus you need to pay extra for its App. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel.

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