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25 iPads to Wow the design show in Japan

iProject25 inspired by art of DJing, creator use 25 iPads, sync them up to form a prefect picture and music. What is cool is that audience can touch, drag, pinch the iPads to slow down the animation, dim the screen or flick the screen. By doing this, it will also make the music and video out of sync, so what audience got to do.. is to try to sync back the screen so the music and picture will sync back.

Picture means a thousands words, but a video can show you the whole picture, so check out the 2 video below:

To further explain how the 25 iPads can sync up, check out the below video where the creators explains how it works:

Cool right? For more info check it out at tokyotek.

TJ Maxx selling iPad for just $399.99, is iPad 2 coming thus the price reduction?

TJ Maxx is selling 16GB Wifi iPad for just $399.99 almost $100 less than what Apple is selling. So why is it so? Initially we though it might be a price war with Android Tablets, but it is not. TJ Maxx reduced the iPad price on their own, not following Apple’s Standard price. It  looks like the publicity stunt really works and now everyone is blogging or reporting about it!

Sherry Lang, SVP of Global Communications for TJX told Fortune:

“We have received many inquiries about a particular famous maker high tech item recently sold in our stores.  As an off-price retailer, our business provides an ever-changing selection of great finds of famous maker apparel and non-apparel categories at excellent values.  In other words, our mission is to offer a treasure hunt of great values, every day.  Earlier this week, a small number of T.J.Maxx and Marshalls stores received a very limited quantity of first quality electronic tablets that were sourced from a retailer. Our customers have come to know and shop us for the exciting and unexpected values we offer on a daily basis.”

Apple iPad VS Blackberry Playbook [Video]

Above chart is a summary of how iPad, Playbook, HP Slate and Samsung’s Tab is compared

We have all seen news on Blackberry coming out with their iPad competitor, Playbook, but no one have really seen the actual set of Playbook. Now we have a demo video of Blackberry’s Playbook. What is impressive is the speed of Playbook! iPad is really responsive and fast in rendering website and pages, but it seems like Playbook is trashing iPad in this demo!

Check out the Blackberry Playbook VS Apple’s iPad Video

Apple: Beatles in iTunes now!

So in the end, it is the announcement of beatles will be now available in iTunes! We still though there will be huge announcements like music streaming from or some other previews… But anyway cheers that iTunes can now finally let their users download Beatles which Apple has been pushing for quite a while!

Apple: Tomorrow is another Day, you will never forget

Apple: Tomorrow is another day, you will never forget! So what is Apple going to announce tomorrow? None of us have any idea, but it seems to be an iTunes announcement where only people from California, New York, London and Tokyo are focused? Or maybe they represent the major cities of the majority of iTunes Users.

Users like me from Singapore have no access to iTunes music, if it is Streaming Music that Apple is announcing, it most likely won’t be coming to Singapore too. Let’s wait and see what Apple is gonna surprise us again!

Stay Tuned for the update!

Do you feel that iPad Apps are Overpriced?

Do you feel that iPad Apps are overpriced? How much difference is iPad Apps to iPhone’s Apps? To be honest, they are almost exactly the same, just that the screen resolution is different, but look at the price difference. It is huge! The average price for iPad in the top 100 paid Apps is $5.80! It is rather expensive! How much more expensive? They are charging 171% more than those in iPhone top 100 paid apps!

So why are iPad Apps so much more expensive? Honestly, I don’t know.. I know that developers have to scale up their apps resolutions, some even redesigned it to make full use of iPad’s Screen. But why are they so much more expensive?

The only reason I can find is iPad is new, and it is still look up as a premiere product, thus you need to pay extra for its App. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel.