Back to the Mac: Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Mac OS 10.7 Lion is coming to us summer 2011.

We will be getting Multi-Touch gestures, App Store, App Home Screens, Full Screen Apps, Auto Save and Apps will resume when launched!

With Lion coming, we will be getting App Store for Mac! Most of the details will be similar to what we have seen for iPhone and iPad App Store.

App Store can be access just from App Store icon on Mac. The UI is very similar to iPhone’s App Store, but this time round it will be App Store for Mac. Searching, installing and purchasing works like a charm just like the existing App Store.

LaunchPad is a App Accessibility area for you to launch your Apps that you have download from App Store. What is cool about it, is that it looks and feel just like an iPhone or iPad. You can scroll through the pages of Apps you have just like iPhone. Folders andĀ rearrangementĀ of Apps can be done too.

Mission Control make use of Expose, Spaces and more to let you have a full view of your Desktop, Spaces and Windows opened on your Mac. Having Mission Control not only help you access your apps and program with ease, it is also very beautiful.

Mac App Store is coming to us in Snow Leopard within 90 Days, and Developers can start developing for it today.


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