Apple and the Open Web by John Gruber

Daring Fireball John Gruber argued in Web 2.0 Expo NY that Apple is a great Web 2.0 Company, although people always complained that Apple has no link with Web. John thinks otherwise, Apple is a great web 2.0 company and has great contribution to it.

To Summarize in a very short point form:

  • iPhone is a great addition to the web
  • iPhone is a great addition to mobile space
  • iOS is based on web
  • App Store and Apps are built on top and depends on web
  • iTunes has one of the largest http music transfers on the web
  • iOS users used the web more than any other mobile users.
  • Webkit is one of the most successful web browser technology
  • Most of mobile browsers are based on webkit today
  • Webkit is developed and open-sourced by Apple

So, what do you think ?