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iReview: Fabrix Cases Booklet Case for iPad

Last week, I have received a case sent by Fabrix Cases, once again, the envelope that the Booklet Case is in excites me. This is what I feel is special about Fabrix Cases, they send you their case in beautiful envelope and makes you wanna open it asap!

So what is Booklet Cases and how is it different from the Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad?

  • Booklet Case is handcrafted using leather-like premium grade material, what is cool it is stitched together.
  • The flips closed tightly as there are ultra thin magnets around the flips.
  • The case has been reinforced with steel plates to prevent warping of the inner frame, so it will last for a very long time.
  • Anti-slip suede on the underframe to prevent iPad from sliding out.
  • Pockets to hold name cards.
  • Cutout holes for ports and controls

So what is different between Booklet and Magic Sleeve? I can say Booklet looks more professional, it looks almost like a diary or a notebook that you can bring in for meeting. It is more durable and the Anti-Slip Suede is really super tight, I almost have issue pulling out. Holding the iPad with the Booklet Case feels very good.

Booklet Case for iPad from Fabrix Case is definately a must-buy if you are working and would like to bring your iPad to meeting, not only it looks pro, it have namecards sleeve where you can keep your name cards if you ever need to give out.

You can get Booklet Case for USD$59.90 at and they are running a promotion where you can get 10% off your purchase of USD$50 and above. Valid till 31th Oct 2010.

Back to the Mac: Macbook Air

Macbook Air is finally getting its update after almost close to 2 years. So what are we getting?

Instant on like iPad and iPhone, Great Battery Life at around 7 Hours of Wifi Surfing, Amazing Standby Time at 30 days, Solid State Storage.

13.3 Inch LED BackLit Display, 1440 x 900 Pixel High Resolution Display, NVIDIA GeForce 320m, Full size Keyboard, Multi-Touch Trackpad and FaceTime Camera.

The most impressive part of the new Macbook Air is the Instant on, and ths 30 days standby battery Life!

So what is new? Apple adds a new series of Macbook Air, a new 11.6inch Macbook Air! You will be getting such a thin laptop with just a low price at $999.

All Macbook Air will come with 2GB of Memory and NVIDIA GeForce 320m Graphics. 11.6 Inch 1.4GHZ 64GB Flash Storage Macbook Air will cost your $999. 64GB more storage will cost you $1199.

For 13.3 Inch Macbook Air, 1.86GHz and 128GB of Flash Storage will cost you $1299 and 128Gb more Storage is priced at $1599.

Back to the Mac: Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Mac OS 10.7 Lion is coming to us summer 2011.

We will be getting Multi-Touch gestures, App Store, App Home Screens, Full Screen Apps, Auto Save and Apps will resume when launched!

With Lion coming, we will be getting App Store for Mac! Most of the details will be similar to what we have seen for iPhone and iPad App Store.

App Store can be access just from App Store icon on Mac. The UI is very similar to iPhone’s App Store, but this time round it will be App Store for Mac. Searching, installing and purchasing works like a charm just like the existing App Store.

LaunchPad is a App Accessibility area for you to launch your Apps that you have download from App Store. What is cool about it, is that it looks and feel just like an iPhone or iPad. You can scroll through the pages of Apps you have just like iPhone. Folders and rearrangement of Apps can be done too.

Mission Control make use of Expose, Spaces and more to let you have a full view of your Desktop, Spaces and Windows opened on your Mac. Having Mission Control not only help you access your apps and program with ease, it is also very beautiful.

Mac App Store is coming to us in Snow Leopard within 90 Days, and Developers can start developing for it today.

Apple Back to Mac Event: iLife 11

Apple’s Back to the Mac event is live and streaming here, to give you a summary, check out the blog post of it below!

Now iPhoto supports Full Screen, Facebook Enhancement, Emailing Photo, New Slide Shows, Big Leap in Books and letterpress cards.

It looks like iPad’s Photo view, with it running full-screen.

iPhoto 11’s new Slideshow Templates and musics!

iPhoto 11 will help you create your Photo Book with ease. Not only it have new theme and full screen book creation wizard. It will even help you select photos that you have given good ratings, and organize them automatically base on location and time of capture. Of course you can also do customization to the photo books if you wants to do any changes to it.

You can create letterpress cards straight from iPhoto 11! It is just too cool!

iMovie 11 will have new Audio Editing, more powerful than what we have now. One Step Effects, People Finder, News and Sports Themes and Movie Trailer Wizard.

You will be able to create special effects on your video with just 1 step and it is really easy to create.

iMovie 11 help you create very nice movie trailer and clips by running through with you what you need to have. Not only that.. It have people finders, and filters that can help you find action, group and closeup video in your video! Which is super helpful and great to have!

GarageBand 11 adds Flex Time, Groove Matching, Guitar Amps & effects, New Piano & Guitar Lessons.

Groove Matching can help you fix your groove issues, especially when you band don’t play so well together!

Learn how to play Piano and Guitar with GarageBand!

iLife 11 will be available today for just $49 when you upgrade from your existing Mac. You will get iLife 11 free if you buy a new Mac!

First Ever iPhone 4 to enter Space! [Video]

iPhone 4 is sent to Space and came back alive! Not only that, it is actually used as to locate the “Space Craft” when it land, using Google Maps and iPhone 4’s built in AGPS.

In an insulated craft and a weather balloon, iPhone 4 and a HD Video Camera enter the space and film down the whole process. Check out the video, do take note it might be shaky, but an impressive video.

Check out the pictures shot by the HD Camera.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

Apple Event: Back to the Mac on 20th October 2010

Apple have confirmed that there will be an Event on 20th October 2010 call Back to the Mac. Of course from the event name itself, we can tell it will be focusing on Mac. So what will be refresh this time round?

We all know most of Mac’s product line has been refreshed this year or late last year, they are Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and even Apple TV if you count it in. So what product is not refresh? Of Course it is Macbook Air! We haven’t seen any updates to Air for quite a while, and it might be time for an update before christmas.

But look at the picture of the Event, Lion. Yes, a new OS should be coming to us soon. I won’t be surprise to also see iLife to be updated together with Mac OS as iLife haven’t receive any updates for almost 2 years. It will be a very cool update I suppose else we won’t have to wait for 2 years for it!

So Stay tuned for more information on the Apple Back to the Mac Event, and we will be blogging about it!

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak coming on 10/10/2010 at 10:10:10am!

So is Green Pois0n really coming on 10/10/2010?

Joshua Hill aka p0sixninja tweeted saying that Green Posi0n will be available on 10/10/2010 at 10:10:10am! What a nice date to release the highly anticipated jailbreak!

It is reported that the jailbreak is using the SHAtter exploit and will be working on iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod Touch and Apple TV!

Stay tuned for more information, although I won’t be in Singapore during that time…

Apple’s New iPhone 4 Ad focus on its Retina Display

Apple just released their new ad for iPhone 4 focusing on its high resolution Retina Display.

This new ad entitled “Every” is shown on television as ad,

This is the highest resolution phone screen ever. So, every freckle, every wrinkle, every letter, every word, every tweet, tune, battle, and memory looks more beautiful than ever before.

I have to agree iPhone 4’s screen is truly impressive, beats all the screen out in the market now. 🙂

Apple and the Open Web by John Gruber

Daring Fireball John Gruber argued in Web 2.0 Expo NY that Apple is a great Web 2.0 Company, although people always complained that Apple has no link with Web. John thinks otherwise, Apple is a great web 2.0 company and has great contribution to it.

To Summarize in a very short point form:

  • iPhone is a great addition to the web
  • iPhone is a great addition to mobile space
  • iOS is based on web
  • App Store and Apps are built on top and depends on web
  • iTunes has one of the largest http music transfers on the web
  • iOS users used the web more than any other mobile users.
  • Webkit is one of the most successful web browser technology
  • Most of mobile browsers are based on webkit today
  • Webkit is developed and open-sourced by Apple

New AppleTV has been Jailbroken! [Video]

Just hours after Apple TV shipped out of Apple’s Warehouse, it has been jailbroken yet again by iPhone Dev Team! In fact, it only took them 5 hours to successfully jailbreak and shoot the below video.

We all know that new Apple TV do not have any storage and only supports streaming rental from Apple. But what we also know is that Apple TV is running on iOS 4.1. It has 8GB of internal Storages, with 256mb of ram and runs on Apple’s A4 Processor, to be honest, the specifications looks like a 8GB iPhone 3GS with a new A4 Processor. We have seen in the previous Apple TV Review and saw that Apple TV play 720p very smoothly.  Quite impress with Apple’s Streaming Service as they are quite new in this field.

Nevertheless, a jailbroken Apple TV means there will be countless of hacks, Custom Codec to play all formats of video? 1080p output? iOS App supports? Emulators? External Hard Disk Support? Who knows what will be coming, but we are very excited!