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MacUpdate Promo 2010: 12 Mac Apps for just $49.99

MacUpdate Promo Bundle is here again! You will be able to get 10 Mac Applications for just $49.99, but if you are the first 10,000 buyer, you will be able to get 2 more apps free. 12 apps total up to $443, it is a great discount to get them at just $49.99.

So what are the apps in this bundle?

  1. MindNode Pro – An easy to use Mindmapping App
  2. Concentrate – An App that helps you concentrate on working, open up programs you need, and block sites that will distract you!
  3. Cashculator – Financial Planner, helps you calculate your budgets and expenses
  4. My Living Desktop – As the name of the app said, make your desktop alive, play video on your desktop like a moving picture
  5. Toast 10 Titanium – One of the best Disc Burner and Media Converter on Mac
  6. Live Interior 3D Std – Design 3D Interior Floor Plan Design
  7. Espionage – Super easy to use Encryptor App, very pretty app
  8. ShareTool – Let you share media, files and folders easily and accessible anywhere
  9. Get Backup Pro – Backup, Sync and create bootable clones App
  10. Voila 3 – Easy to use, but powerful screen capture tool
  11. Compartments (First 10k Buyer) – Inventory Software to keep track of items at home
  12. Vitamin R (First 10k Buyer)- Let you be more productivity during work

Get your Bundle now!

iLife ’11 is coming soon?

All Mac users are waiting for iLife, it has been a long time since Apple updated their iLife Suite. iLife09 contains Garage Band, iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD. It is one of the core apps that Mac users use, I use most of the apps in iLife and is loving it. But it have not been updated for almost 2 years, when it used to update almost yearly.

So are we seeing iLife 11 coming soon? Amazon gave us a hint, it is already selling iLife ’11 for unknown reason, but the shipping date seems to be in 2-4 weeks time.

iOS 4.1 actually improves iPhone 3G’s Speed!

Lifehackers have loaded up iOS 4.1 Developer version onto their iPhone 3G and did a Test to see if iOS 4.1 will improve iPhone 3G’s Speed. In Fact, iOS 4.1 really speed up iPhone 3G’s speed! According to them the speed increase are as below:

  • Messages: iOS 4.1 Wins (By a Little)
  • Maps: iOS 4.1 Wins (By a Lot)
  • Photos: iOS 4.1 Wins (Just Barely)
  • Safari: iOS 4.1 Wins (Just Barely)

Saudi Arabian King using iPad 3G! Apple Fan Boy?

Saudi Arabian King spotted using his iPad 3G when is he is giving his speech! From the photo, he seems to be reading his speech from iPad 3G outdoor! If he can read his iPad 3G under sun without issue, I doubt anyone else in the world can complain about it!

Anyway, he is not the first well-known people using iPad, in fact more and more “Important” people are already using iPad as their script, not only they can keep their scripts organized. It might be more secure than having paper! [9to5mac]

Ping – Apple new Social Network Service, 1 Million Users in 48hours

Apple’s Eddy Cue told us that Ping has gotten 1 million users, it is just 48 hours after Steve Jobs announced Ping as the new Social Networking Service Apple will be supporting. It allows users to share, follow and be followed on their latest purchase of music, or releases of music. It is “Facebook” for Music, and to have 1 million users in just 48 hours is something only Apple can achieve.

Apple’s new iTunes 10 also got 3 million downloads within 48 hours, iTunes 10, and some changes in UI, they removed colours of the icons, changed their main icon and included support for Ping and AirPlay.

If you have not downloaded iTunes 10, you can download it from Apple Site here.

New Apple iPod Nano and iPod Touch Ads

Major Updates for iPod Line

During Apple’s Media Event on 1 September Steve Jobs have played ads for iPod Nano and iPod Touch. This 2 are the major updates for iPod line. iPod Nano no longer have click-wheel and is replaced by a Multi-Touch screen, it is now a lot smaller and lighter! iPod Touch on the other hand is around the same height and size but now have A4 Processor and HD Video Camera behind! Not only that, iPod Touch users now can FaceTime with any iPod Touch or iPhone 4 users.

Check out the 2 Ads:

iPod Nano – New way to Nano

iPod Touch – All Kind of Fun

First Real iPad Competitor – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab might be the first real iPad Competitor in my opinion! Yes, we have heard Joo Joo Tablet and some other knock-off. But none have even come close to iPad. Remember the first iPhone? It took android and the rest of the companies like Microsoft close to 2-3 years to catch up!

But this time round, Samsung seems to be able to catch up pretty fast! Although Samsung have yet to launch Galaxy Tab, but as it is running the polished Android and they have been in Mobile Business for quite some time, they seems to be able to come out with quite an impressive Tablet.

Check out Samsung’s Teaser video:

iHome – First Ever AirPlay Speaker!

Apple have announced iOS 4.1 for iPhone/iPod Touch, iOS 4.2 for iPad and iTunes 10 on their 1 September Media Event. AirPlay is one of the features that will be included in iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2. You will be able to stream media(videos and music) from Computer(Mac/PC) to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, AppleTV or even any device that is AirPlay enable! Yes, it means you can stream Movies and lossless audio straight from iTunes to any speakers in your house with your WiFi network!

iHome is one of the fastest in coming out with AirPlay enabled Speakers which will allow you stream music from your iTunes to it. When iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 is release, you should be able to stream music directly from your iPhone or iPad to the speakers! It will be a wonderful feature. [Engadget]


All you need to know for Apple’s Media Event 1 September

One of the most power packed media event ever for Apple in my opinion! In just 1 hour they announced not only iOS 4.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS 4.2 for iPad, new iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iTunes 10 with Ping and AppleTV. So now can you agree with me that this is one of the most jam-packed event ever!

iOS 4.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch

Apple announced that iOS 4.1 is coming to us, with updates like High Dynamic Range Photo, improving iPhone 4’s Native Camera App, HD Videos can be upload on WiFi, Game Center,TV Show Rental and Bug Fixes like¬†Proximity¬†and Bluetooth, etc.

HDR addition to native iPhone/iPod Touch Camera is a pretty good addition, you will be able to see more details either from foreground or background.

Apple is going to release iOS 4.1 next week for iPhone and iPod Touch! So Stay Tuned for more information and we will inform you guys when it is ready for downloads.

iOS 4.2 for iPad

iPad will be getting all of what iPhone 4 users have been enjoying, multi-tasking and quick app switching, etc. But they will be getting more! Printing and AirPlay. iPad users can in the future do wifi printing directly from iPad, which is a lacking feature for iPad. So no more worries iPad users, you can print wirelessly from your iPad to your wifi printer.

AirPlay! So what is AirPlay? You can directly stream video, music, photos from your Mac/PC to your iPad! That’s AirPlay! What’s more Steve Jobs demo-ed that you can use AirPlay to stream Video/Music/Photos from your iPad/iPhone directly to the new AppleTV! Which is super cool!

iOS 4.2 for iPad will only be coming to users around November, sorry iPad users… you got to hang it there!

iPod Shuffle!

Apple launched a whole new series of iPods, the first of the series is iPod Shuffle. And we are getting the click-wheel back! Many users of iPod Shuffle had complain on the button-less design. It can play music for 15hours. Apple listens and now you got back what you wanted! Not much new stuff for Shuffle, it will be USD$49 for 2GB iPod Shuffle.

iPod Nano

iPod Nano have gotten a whole revamped of design and they have added multi-touch screen and is now 46% smaller and 42% lighter! It is almost like a iPod Shuffle with Screen! Honestly I feel that iPod Nano will slowly replace iPod Shuffle as they are almost as small, but you can have video content which you cannot on shuffle, plus storage size for iPod Nano is 8-16gb! iPod Nano’s battery will last you 24 hours and cost USD$149 for 8GB and USD$179 for 16GB version.

iPod Touch

Honestly, the new iPod Touch is an iPhone 4 that you cannot make calls on. That’s the only difference I can tell! So we will be getting a brand new design of iPod Touch, it will look similar to iPhone 4. Retina Display, Apple A4 Chip, 3-Axis Gyro, iOS 4.1 with Game Center, FaceTime with Front-facing Camera and HD video Recording from the camera behind!

It is amazing how Apple can squeeze such a huge function-enabled device in such a small size. So watch out, Flip, iPod Touch will be the next camcorder that everyone, every kids uses! You will be able to FaceTime not only with iPod Touch owners, you can also facetime with any iPhone 4 users! The battery life for iPod Touch is also increased to 40hours of playback! You will be able to get iPod Touch for USD$229 (8GB), USD$229 (16GB) and USD$399 (64GB), and it will be available next week!

iTunes 10

Not a ton of changes for iTunes 10, icon is changed as we don’t really use CD anymore and Apple is selling Music digitally! A new Social Network is created by Apple, called Ping! Where you can share, follow or by followed on the music, artists or concert you like or you are going to. It is everything music, you can download, preview or buy music that your friends or artist you follow shared.

iTunes 10 is available for download today! You can download iTunes 10 from Apple now!

1 More Hobby! New AppleTV

Above is all that users wanted and complained. They want Hollywood movies and TV shows, HD Content, lower prices for content, but they don’t want a computer in their living room, don’t want to manage storage, don’t want do sync and want a device that is silent, small and cool.

So Apple listens once again, and came out with the brand new AppleTV

Not only we will getting Movies, TV shows and Music, it will be in HD if available. There will no longer be any purchase, all shows will only based on Rental, meaning you never store in your AppleTV anymore. All Contents will be streamed over, no sync required. You can also view photo slideshows and the new AppleTV is very small, cool and silent.

You will be able to get rental of TV shows with just $0.99 per episode and $4.99 for First-Run Movies in HD, the same day they released for DVD.

With the new AppleTV you can not only stream movies, music or shows from Apple, You can also stream from Netflix, Flickr, YouTube and MobileMe. Additionally you can also stream from your home computer like iMac or MacbookPro! So you can stream music, movies or even photos from your computers without sync, just stream! This is a very good addition to AppleTV as we now have content all over the place!

What’s killer for AppleTV is that it now only cost you USD$99! With such a attractive price, I can see lots of people buying them and put them beside their TV. Even if they don’t buy content from Apple, streaming from Netflix, Flickr, YouTube, and even from your Mac and iPad/iPhone is the killer features!

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