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Another iPad Competitor? HP Slate Running Windows 7 Leaked [Video]

HP Slate leaked, it is another iPad Competitor like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, but running on Windows 7. I don’t know about you, but after watching this video, I finally decided, Windows 7 is not a OS you wanna run on Tablet or Slate device like iPad. It is totally not how it should be! Look at how slow, unresponsive the screen/slate is. HP even put in a button just to pop-out the on-screen keyboard.

Everything seems to be quite slow, and I feel that it is not optimize to run on Windows 7. Honestly, something is just wrong right? I feel like it is just a Netbook without keyboard, that’s all. I hope this is not the real HP Slate as it is really very disappointed.

Check out the HP Slate Leaked Video:

Apple’s Newton Emulated and running on iPhone

Newton was one of the earliest tablet form OS, and they are built by Apple. Although they might not have been as popular as iOS. But Apple’s Newton has gained quite a bit of fans over the years, and now developer Matthias Melcher ported Newton OS to iPhone!

You will be able to check out more information of the Einstein NewtonOS Emulator project, or you can download the source code of the project too!

Check out the video of NewtonOS on iPhone:

Apple might have bought facial recognition software company

Apple is rumored to have bought a Swedish company that do facial recognition with social media integration, Polar Rose. This company’s product Recongizr is one of the most impressive facial recognition social media software done on mobile platform.

Check out the video concept of Recogizr:

Impressive yeah? This is not only it, they actually have a working App! Although during the demo it seems to have detect the face slightly slower than how you would like to use. But it is a very cool first start! Imagine you can know the social media network just by pointing your mobile phone’s camera to the guy!

Check out the working demo of Recognizr:

Samsung Galaxy Tab – iPad Competitor put up impressive Ad!

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the first iPad Competitor that I think they might have a equal and fair fight. I haven’t have hands-on on Galaxy Tab, but from the Ad that Samsung just launched, it seems to be very impressive!

Samsung Galaxy Tab is 7inch, runs on Android 2.2 with Samsung TouchWiz. According to the Ad, it will run 7 hours non-stop, although it did not say if it is on 3G or Wifi. iPad runs 10hours on wifi, so battery life might not be as good as iPad. But there are alot of advantage, Android is open. You will have more controls over the Galaxy Tab than iPad, thus expansion slots and more.

Check out the ad of Samsung Galaxy Tab:

iPod Touch 4G VS iPhone 4

Difference between iPhone 4 and iPod 4th Generation

So what’s the difference between Apple’s iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4? This question is being asked over and over again, difference between iPod Touch and iPhone are getting lesser and lesser. In this generation of iPod Touch, it have gain Cameras both front and back, video capture capability, FaceTime, Multitasking, Retina Display and even Apple’s A4 Processor. What iPod Touch is missing is only the 3G connectivity and AGPS.

But is that really so?

No, even iPod Touch gained both front and back camera, but iPod Touch’s Back Camera is not iPhone 4’s 5Megapixel, rather it only have a camera that is capable of capturing 720p videos and less than 1 megapixel of still photo. There are no difference for the front facing camera, but iPod Touch do not have LED Flash light like iPhone 4.

From this video from, the video quality from iPhone and iPod Touch is very very close, to be honest, I feel that iPod Touch might have a better quality shot of video.

Chris Pirillo have done a series of test shoots of stills from both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, here you can see that iPod Touch’s still is really lacking of detail compare to the one below which is taken by iPhone 4.

Taken by iPod Touch 4 Generation

Photo Taken by iPhone 4

Next: Retina Display, iPod Touch VS iPhone 4

No need for me to explain more, clearly iPhone 4’s Screen is much more superior than iPod Touch 4’s, the viewing angle is much better on iPhone 4 compared to iPod Touch.

SPEED, iPod Touch 4th Generation VS iPhone 4

So how about the SPEED upgrades you get from iPod Touch’s A4 Processor? In this video we can see that although iPhone 4 have 2 times more RAM than iPad and iPod Touch/iPhone 3GS, but the speed of iPad is still faster than iPhone 4. What is funny is that iPhone 4 is not so much faster than iPod Touch. So more RAM on iPhone 4 does not make it faster, but only make it able to handle multi-tasking much better. So let’s see if iPad can handle multi-tasking as good as iPhone 4 when iOS 4.2 is available for iPad.

Refurbished iPad now in Apple Store for purchase!

Apple Refurbished fans need to wait no longer, they have finally launched their refurbished iPad series, where you now can get iPad Wifi Models at a discounted price of $449 for 16GB, which is $50 less than brand new ones. Lots of Apple fan boys buys refurbished products from Apple, as they are not only cheaper, but you can’t really tell the difference from a brand new Apple Product to a Refurbished ones.

Thus buying refurbished products from Apple might be one of the ways to save some apple tax money, and note that all refurbished products are all comes with 1 year of limited warranty and they are also eligible for AppleCare Warranties. The sad news is Apple Fans from Singapore and outside of US got to wait for sometime, as refurbished iPads are still not available outside of US.

If you are interested in purchasing your refurbished iPad, proceed to the US Apple Store now.

Amazon Kindle Attack Apple iPad in their new Ad!

Amazon’s Kindle have a new Ad, and iPad is actually featured in it, but it is mocking Apple’s iPad glossy screen. In the ad, there is a lady in bikini reading ebooks with her kindle and beside her is a guy in shirt, struggling to read under the bright sunlight beside the pool.

Guy ask the lady why she can read under this kind of condition, the lady reply she is reading on e-ink kindle and she paid more for her sun-glasses than the kindle. This ad remind me of Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ Get a Mac ads series where they mocked all the issues Windows and PCs have.

Check out the Amazon’s New Kindle Ad:

iPhone 3G not supported in Game Center

Steve Jobs have announced that Game Center is coming to us when iOS 4.1 launch, and we received news that Game Center have already went live as iOS 4.1 is going to launch today. But which iDevice can be used for Game Center? Apple have just confirm on its Game Center overview page that this social network for gaming will be available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen and 4th Gen.

Supported Devices for iOS 4.1 Game Center

No sight of iPhone 3G, original iPhone or original iPod. Seems like they won’t be support in this new social networking service. Although reviews have shown that iOS 4.1 will improve iPhone 3G’s performance, but seems like iPhone 3G still can’t keep up with Apple’s pace, and is slowly dying off…

Game Center

Game Center will allow you to find friends, add gaming friends, or even find random people to play game either to compete or help out each other in the game. Leaderboards and achievement are one of the few motivation that will push gamers to play on, and improve on their scores.