iPod Touch 4G VS iPhone 4

Difference between iPhone 4 and iPod 4th Generation

So what’s the difference between Apple’s iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4? This question is being asked over and over again, difference between iPod Touch and iPhone are getting lesser and lesser. In this generation of iPod Touch, it have gain Cameras both front and back, video capture capability, FaceTime, Multitasking, Retina Display and even Apple’s A4 Processor. What iPod Touch is missing is only the 3G connectivity and AGPS.

But is that really so?

No, even iPod Touch gained both front and back camera, but iPod Touch’s Back Camera is not iPhone 4’s 5Megapixel, rather it only have a camera that is capable of capturing 720p videos and less than 1 megapixel of still photo. There are no difference for the front facing camera, but iPod Touch do not have LED Flash light like iPhone 4.

From this video from letemsvetemapplem.eu, the video quality from iPhone and iPod Touch is very very close, to be honest, I feel that iPod Touch might have a better quality shot of video.

Chris Pirillo have done a series of test shoots of stills from both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, here you can see that iPod Touch’s still is really lacking of detail compare to the one below which is taken by iPhone 4.

Taken by iPod Touch 4 Generation

Photo Taken by iPhone 4

Next: Retina Display, iPod Touch VS iPhone 4

No need for me to explain more, clearly iPhone 4’s Screen is much more superior than iPod Touch 4’s, the viewing angle is much better on iPhone 4 compared to iPod Touch.

SPEED, iPod Touch 4th Generation VS iPhone 4

So how about the SPEED upgrades you get from iPod Touch’s A4 Processor? In this video we can see that although iPhone 4 have 2 times more RAM than iPad and iPod Touch/iPhone 3GS, but the speed of iPad is still faster than iPhone 4. What is funny is that iPhone 4 is not so much faster than iPod Touch. So more RAM on iPhone 4 does not make it faster, but only make it able to handle multi-tasking much better. So let’s see if iPad can handle multi-tasking as good as iPhone 4 when iOS 4.2 is available for iPad.


  • Reply joshipod123 |

    very helpful web page thankyou very much i used to have ipod touch 3 and i am buying ipod touch 4 this has made it seem even better than i expected.

  • Reply Shuvalof |

    But u, author, forgot one think why iPod can better than iphone4 – 64gb flashdrive. And iPod more "Hurd" because it glass and aluminum monolith.

    Good article.

  • Reply Dipak |

    Hey guys I was planning to buy a blackberry bold 9900 aka bold 4 and iPod touch 4g to satisfy my apple product craving ! What ibam confuse with is should I be goin with this option or should I just buy an iPhone 4 ????

    • Reply tobiascai |

      It really depends on if you want to have Blackberry Bold? iPhone 4 and iPod Touch in theory is very similar, you just can't make calls on iPod Touch. If you don't mind carrying 2 devices around, you can go for 2 device. But personally, I will rather go for iPhone 4 only, I will save money plus bring out 1 less device.

  • Reply mybkexperience.com |

    Games like infinity blade crashes on ipod touch 4 vs running fine on iphone 4.

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