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iReview: iPad App – Finger Stomp HD, Stomp with your fingers!

If you love Stomp, making music with things in your life, you will love Finger Stomp HD! Finger Stomp HD is a iOS App that let you create Stomp type music with Virtual Trash Cans, Basketball, Whistles and more!

This app is a collaborated effort between three companies, greySox, ThePot and SPN Holdings. Each offering their expertise, respectively, in programming, graphic design and professional studio sound to offer the user the most authentic urban music application available.

Finger Stomp an innovative instrument app that pays respect to old-school hip-hop, rap and street musicians by allowing users to recreate their favorite street sounds in an urban backdrop. Users can choose from 22 animated objects such as basketballs, whistles, tires, cans, horns and etc and it’s simple-to-use and intuitive interface allows Users to easily adjust the pitch with a simple touch or slide of the finger. A drag and drop feature gives the opportunity to pick and choose their favorite instruments. Beats can be effortlessly manipulated and 12 preset beat and song patterns are bundled with this app.

Key Features of Finger Stomp HD:

• 22 Different objects featuring professionally studio created authentic sounds

• Each object can be easily dragged and dropped • Sounds can be tuned and pitched to fit your preference

• Record and Replay Feature

• 12 different prerecorded beats to practice

• 3D Positioned Sounds

• Utilized Drum Meister beat engine for a seamless and responsive flow.

• Animated Visual Effects

Check out the Demo Video of this very cool App

Thoughts of the Finger Stomp HD

Cool yeah? I’m always a fan of Stomp type of music, now you can make your own, record and play it. Kind of cool. If you are a fan of music, and interesting in making music by yourself on iPad, this is a must buy App.

You can get Finger Stomp HD for $2.99 in the App Store.

What’s cool is that developer of Finger Stomp HD, Greysox is giving out 1 Finger Stomp HD For Free! So what you need to do to win cool App is to just leave a comment in the post, or twitter @usingapple and say you want Finger Stomp HD iPad App! We will be choosing the lucky reader on 3rd of October 2010.

iPhone Dev Team Demo SHAtter for iOS 4.1 Jailbreak on iPod Touch 4G [Video]

Apple have released iOS 4.1 for quite sometime, but we haven’t seen any jailbreak tools out there for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G for iOS 4.1. Are we having problem with jailbreaking them now?

No, iPhone Dev Team just demo to us, SHAtter on iOS 4.1 jailbroken on a new iPod Touch 4G.

Demo of iOS Jailbroken iOS 4.1 iPod Touch

There is no ETA or official date of release for this jailbreak, but I’m sure iPhone Dev Team is already working day and night to push this jailbreak out, as they want to release the tool before the release of iOS 4.2.

Stay Tuned in for more Jailbreak news and Updates!

Apple Remote App Updated to Support new AppleTV

Apple have updated their Remote App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This App can be use to control any iTunes and new Apple TV from just iOS Device in the same network. This update finally bring supports to iPad and iPhone 4’s Retina’s Display and supports the newly launch Apple TV.

What’s New In Version 2.0

• Designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
• Optimized for Retina displays and large screen real estate on iPad
• Support for Shared Libraries on iTunes and new Apple TV

Download your Remote App from App Store now!

Microsoft don’t want you to use Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is launching very soon, and Microsoft launch 2 ads to advertise their Windows Phone 7. But Microsoft don’t want you to use their phone at all.

In this series of ads, they shown us how “addicted” to our smartphone as ignore the rest of the world. Thus Windows Phone 7 will be “helping” you use your phone less and focus on your life.

Windows Phone 7 Ad 1

Windows Phone 7 Ad 2

So we using our iPhone too much?

Crazy Crowd at China’s iPhone 4 Launch

iPhone 4 is officially launched in China on 25 September! This time round, china only waited for months compare to the previous 2 years of wait for iPhone 3G/S. Over 1000 had lined up outside of Apple Store to buy the newest iPhone!

China Unicom have reported that more than 200,000 users have pre-ordered the iDevice and the first guy who got his iPhone 4 in China queued for 2 days.

Checkout of the video of the iPhone 4 launch in China

But there have been rumors that iPhone supplies in China will not meet its demand as the demand for iPhone 4 is still growing very strong.

iPhone 4 VS Windows Phone 7

We have seen iPod Touch vs iPhone 4, so how about the up and coming Windows 7 Phone? Android and iPhone have been fighting quite some time. Let’s see how the early version of Windows Phone 7 is compared to iPhone 4.

In this video from Pocketnow, you will be able to see how different iPhone and Windows Phone 7 in Concept and behavior.

iPhone 4 vs Windows Phone 7

So after watching the video which kind of phone concept do you prefer? I think Windows Phone 7’s Concept is very new, it is something that we haven’t seen from any smartphone out there, but it is really as usable as iPhone? It is very hard to tell now.

iPhone, iPod Nano and iPad Robot [Video]

Yes, you did not get me wrong, there is now this iPad, iPhone and iPod Nano Robot that can walk and “dance”!

Check out the iPhone and iPad Robot Video:

iPod Nano Video:

Kazu, the maker for this robot said: “For this project, I have developed very simple way to control two servo motors by iPod nano: using the sound from headphone jack as PWM signal that controls the servo motors! Yes, two servos are powered by miniature 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po battery and control lines are directly connected to headphone jack! Very simple!”

We will miss you, iPod Clickwheel! [Video]

We will definitely miss the days where we need to click and turn Apple’s iPod Clickwheel. The Clickwheel is one of the few Apple’s innovation for navigating menu without mouse, although mouse was kind of invented by Apple too.

With the launch of 5th Generation iPod Nano, clickwheel is now removed from new generation iPod Nano, and is only available on iPod Classic which has not been refresh this year. iPod Nano’s clickwheel has been replaced by a touch screen and is now the popular iPod Nano Watch!

Nevertheless Clickwheel still have its own fan base, so Matt and Keith from Matt’s Macintosh have created this short youtube video to remind us how great clickwheel have served us for the past few years and how it sounds like when you turn the wheel!

Check out their clickwheel video:

Pay for your train ride with your iPhone with VISA payWave soon!

In the near future, you might be able to pay for your train rides with just your iPhone through VISA payWave! Visa have announced that in near future New Yorkers will be able to pay for their subway ride just with their iPhone!

But what is payWave? payWave is actually smart chip which allow you to just wave your credit card or payWave device without signature or pin code. Since iPhone do not have Visa smart chip inbuilt, thus you will need to buy a specially built iPhone Case to use this feature.

Will this feature be coming to Singapore? We don’t think they will be coming to local MRT so soon as it should be in trial period, and in Singapore we are already using ezlink technology, so who knows we might have a ezlink iPhone case coming very soon! :X

Android VS iPhone in Comic

This comic is so hard and fast on the facts of how Android and iPhone can be compared. It is not only the OS, it is also the users who use the 2 different OS. Which group are you in now, and do you plan to change?

I love iPhone and have never planned on changing, but for tablet form factor like iPad, I will definitely consider Google’s Android as it is open, and I might be able to achieve much more on it than just plain old iPad on Apple’s iOS.