Death Grip increase Radiation Output, It happens for Google Nexus One, iPhone and Blackberry 9700

We all know that you can perform ‘Death Grip’ on your iPhone 4, and you reception will drop badly, and you might end up dropping calls. Although this issue is not really happening in countries with good reception like Singapore, but we all though ‘Death Grip’ will only affect reception. The video shown below shows that ‘Death Grip’ not only reduce your phone’s reception strength, it actually makes your phone emits more radiations and might be harmful to your health!

Why does it emits more radiation? When your phone sense that it is losing connection to its nearest cell tower, it will increase radio frequency output to try to get a better signal. It is true for most smartphone out there in the market.

Check out the video below, where the App will show you the radiation level when ‘Death Grip’ is applied on iPhone 4, Google Nexus One and Blackberry 9700.

So, what do you think ?