Apple make comparing Macs easier with their new HTML 5 Interface

Apple came out with a new HTML Interface that help you compare macs when you have problem buying your next Mac!

I’m sure lots of people have problem deciding on which Mac to buy, whether to buy Macbook Pro or iMac or should you buy Mac Mini instead since you already have a external LCD Monitor. Those are the common questions, but some users want to know how much electricity iMac uses, or how fast is iMac compare to Mac mini and Macbook Pro.

Apple have launch this Mac Compare Page, where you can compare up to 3 Macs side by Side, and you will be able to compare Hardware, Software, Technical Specification and even Environment Status Report.


You might be interested how to get to this Compare Macs page? I’m┬ásurprise┬áthere is no direct link to Compare Macs main page of Apple Store, you have to select on any Macs, be it iMac or Macbook Pro. Then you will be able to see Compare Macs on the top bar of the site(as seen below)

So next time you want to buy Mac, try this function, it might help you decide which mac to buy faster and easier!

So, what do you think ?