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Apple Media Event Tomorrow 1st Sept!

Apple have confirmed a Media Event on 1st September in San Francisco held at Apple usual place Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am Pacific Time.

It is rumored that Apple will be announcing new iPod Touch with Front Facing Camera so you can FaceTime with any iPhone 4 Users. A brand new $99 iTV, new iPod Nano and who knows white iPhone 4?

Stayed Tuned in for more news when Apple announce their new product tomorrow!

iReview – Booooly a highly explosive game!


Booooly is a highly explosive puzzle game for the iPhone, the game looks super attractive under iPhone 4’s Rentina Display. Transcending the predictable match-three puzzle genre, Booooly challenges Players to make a match-four.

Players must strategically find ways to eliminate the largest number of the same colored balls while juggling, every few seconds, newly plummeting Booooly balls. An intuitive physics engine of weighted balls realistically determines how they roll, bounce and fall in place adding to Booooly’s dynamic gameplay. As the Player progresses, new missions and challenging bonuses with a mixture of new colors, bad booooly’s and bombs will relentlessly test the Player’s agility and ability to adjust their strategy.

Multiplayer features such as OpenFeint, Twitter/Facebook and Online Leader Boards provide a fantastic experience for Players to compete, score achievements and share their progress with friends and other Booooly enthusiasts to effectively deliver a simple yet highly addictive game!


• Eye-catching game design with animated colors and vivid smiley expressions • Intuitive physics engine of weighted Booooly’s balls test Player’s strategy

• Dozens of challenging missions and bonuses

• Dynamic fast-paced action and methodical puzzling gameplay

• Facebook and Twitter Interactivity allows you to play against your own friends

• Open Feint Online leader boards for each difficulty level

• 20 Achievements

• Addictive gameplay with high replay value

• Suitable for players of all ages

Checkout our video when we are playing Boooly:

UsingApple’s Likes and Dislikes:

  • Great Game Play, it has very interesting game play, it is like Bejeweled and Sneezies combined!
  • Great Graphics, the first time that caught my eyes is the great graphics, you have to see yourselves
  • Easy Multi-Player Games, it is really very easy to play a multi-player online game with people in other countries

I can’t find any negative points in the game, I am addicted after the second game and keep on playing even in Single Player Mode, then I was addicted to the Multi-Player Game. It is a must-buy game for iPhone!

You can get Booooly in Apple App Store for just $0.99! Get Booooly in App Store! Else, You can also download the lite version and give it a try here

UsingApple is back! We have shifted to new Webhost!

Hi Readers!

As you all have realised, was not stable, and it is down most of the time. We have finally moved to a new WebHost, and it seems to be fine now. We are catching up with all the reviews, news and tutorials.

Sorry about the unstability, we are glad that Exabytes is our new host!

Thank you for your support, and hope you  enjoy reading all the latest and cool Apple News! 🙂


Apple make comparing Macs easier with their new HTML 5 Interface

Apple came out with a new HTML Interface that help you compare macs when you have problem buying your next Mac!

I’m sure lots of people have problem deciding on which Mac to buy, whether to buy Macbook Pro or iMac or should you buy Mac Mini instead since you already have a external LCD Monitor. Those are the common questions, but some users want to know how much electricity iMac uses, or how fast is iMac compare to Mac mini and Macbook Pro.

Apple have launch this Mac Compare Page, where you can compare up to 3 Macs side by Side, and you will be able to compare Hardware, Software, Technical Specification and even Environment Status Report.


You might be interested how to get to this Compare Macs page? I’m surprise there is no direct link to Compare Macs main page of Apple Store, you have to select on any Macs, be it iMac or Macbook Pro. Then you will be able to see Compare Macs on the top bar of the site(as seen below)

So next time you want to buy Mac, try this function, it might help you decide which mac to buy faster and easier!

Apple New iPad Ad – iPad is…

Apple just launched their new Ad Campaign for iPad, “iPad is…” In the ad, they showed some of the key capability of iPad, like games, ibooks, cook book apps and so on, along with text describing like iPad is… Delicious, current, learning, playful, literary, artful, friendly, productive, scientific, and last but not the least magical!

Nokia N9 – Apple MacBook Pro lookalike?

Don’t tell me they don’t look similar! They almost look exactly the same, yes, Apple Macbook Pro and Nokia’s N9.  One of Nokia’s newest innovation is N9 running MeeGO, but if you take a look at the hardware it looks exactly like Macbook Pro.

I’m not sure if Apple can sue them on this, but anyone who saw the phone will feel that it is a “copy”!

7 Inch iPad coming by Christmas?

Lots of Rumors on 7 Inch iPad coming us by Christmas, IDG News translated a new Economics Daily News Report claiming that a new 7 inch iPad will be launched by Christmas this year!

The Economic Daily reports that Taiwanese companies have won a number of component contracts for the iPad 2. Chimei Innolux will supply 7-inch LCD screens, which use the same IPS (in-plane switching) technology found in the original iPad, which improves viewing angles and color on LCD screens. Touchscreen technology for the screens will come from Cando Corporation, the report says.

Honestly, the only 2 reason why I think 7 inch might be better than the original 9.7 inch that it will be lighter and less expensive. One issue on iPad is weight, many complains that holding an iPad for prolong period really is quite tiring… So a smaller screen might reduce it’s weight.

Price is another huge issue, with kindle dropping its price, Apple need to lower its price to fight for low end market, thus smaller screen might be reducing the price significantly as iPad’s Screen is still one of the most expensive component.

iPhone 5 – iPhone Air, so light you can’t feel any weight

iPhone 4 is till now still the best Multi-Media Smartphone in Market, having the best Smartphone camera and the most user-friendly media software, iPod. So what can Apple improve for the next generation of iPhone?

Now we know… iPhone 5, is iPhone AIR, so light you can feel any weight and best of all, all iPhone 4 feature will still be there!

Ok! It’s a joke.. but hope you enjoyed the video!

Gaming will be even bigger and better on iPhone 4

Gaming will be even better on iPhone 4 due to its A4 Processor, 512MB RAM and the new Retina Display! It is demo-ed at QuakeCon 2010 where Rage ran on iPhone 4 at 60 FPS! 60FPS is impressive on a mobile device! Gaming on iPhone has always been great, it can be said that iPhone have the best gaming experience in smartphone market, now it will be even better!

Check out the video below: