Pressure Sensitive Drawing on iPad!

Drawing on iPad is huge, lots of creative artists has been drawing and creating arts on iPad, because the screen size is just right, and it’s screen is very sensitive. Not only you can draw and see what you are drawing unlike tablet, where you are drawing on tablet pad rather than the screen. But one of the issue is that there are not pressure sensitive on iPad, so artists can’t apply tone as there are not pressure sensor on iPad. But not anymore!

Ten One Design who made Capacitive Stylus such as Pogo Sketch, Demo uses standard Pogo Sketch Stylus that pulls additional data from the iPad’s touch screen simulating pressure difference by measuring area of contact between stylus and iPad’s screen. In their App, they can even reject “touch” from screen, they reject things like your palm, so you can rest your palm on the iPad’s screen when you are drawing! Very useful, making drawing on iPad almost like drawing on paper!

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