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How iPhone 3GS can take Pro Photos [Video]

Can you believe this photo is taken by iPhone 3GS? Amazing right? Of course this is a professional shot with model, stylist, makeup artists, and photo processing.

Although photos are photoshop-ed, but according to Arnold Kim, no matter what camera was used, photoshop-ing photos is a norm for photoshoots, so it is not because of iPhone 3GS.

Check out his post on iPhone 3GS photo shoot and all of his photos taken with iPhone 3GS in flickr.

That’s an App for iPhone 4 Reception Issue!

Remember Apple’s Commercial where they show you that they have apps for almost anything in the world, now they even have iPhone App for their reception issue! Haha, it is a real app, although not made by Apple, it is use to show the reception and how Apple API view the reception.

So by using the Kung-Fu Grip on iPhone 4, iOS 4 really sees it as no reception thus showing 0 reception in the app, this will be a issue because Data and Voice will be affected, dropping calls should be happening too.

Hopefully Apple’s software update will solve this issue, of at least how iOS 4 look at the problem when people touches both side of the antenna! [TUAW]

Check out the iPhone 4 Reception App in this YouTube Video:

iFun: Apple to launch Friend’s Bar? [Video] From The Onion

So Apple have been growing strong for the past few years, and genuis bar is not able to handle to load. Thus Apple is launching their new bar call, Friend’s Bar! Where you can talk all Apple rubbish, rumors and even your personal life there.

Let The Onion tell you more.

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

PS: If you haven’t realise, The Onion is a website that create jokes on the web, please don’t treat it seriously! Thanks!

iPhone 4 on Balloon! [Video]

This bunch of guys strap the new iPhone 4 on helium balloon and sent it off! Nono, they are not crazy or what, they tie wire to the balloon, so they can bring it back. They put iPhone 4 on recording mode and recorded the whole process, and yes the video is not very stable, due to the wind and the balloon.

Beautiful Art Drawn on iPad [Video]

iPad has been getting more and more popular among artists, as they slowly take notice of how art can be drawn on it. It is true, iPad might be one of the greatest tool an artist can ever get! Not only you can draw anywhere, you won’t have to worry about running out of paper or ink/paint. You can even undo your mistake or even zoom in to paint in even finer details! Here we got 2 very beautifully drawn human art on YouTube Video.

Kyle Lambert, use his iPad to draw Beyonce, here is a replay of his drawing which he took 6 hours to complete:

Not only Kyle Lambert is taking advantage of iPad, David Kassan also drawn a portrait on a live subject and it is amazing, check out his video:

Both the Artists are using Brushes on iPad, you can get it in App Store for $7.99, download here! [Techi] giving out free iPhone 4 Case to prevent iPhone 4 Reception Issues!

Apple are not giving their Bumper for free even after the iPhone 4 Reception issues reported by users. But is giving out free LifeGrip Cases for free which will prevent you touching the external antenna on iPhone 4.

They will give out a free purple, rose, black, blue or white LifeGrip silicone-base free case for free, you will need to pay $3.73 for shipping in US, and more if you are worldwide(For Singapore, it cost $28.50 for shipping!)

Check out for your free LifeGrip case and hopefully you will feel better. ­čÖé

Proximity Sensors Problems on iPhone 4

Big fuss on iPhone 4’s Antenna issues, dropping reception when you touch on the antenna. Apple have even posted a letter regarding the issue, but another problem that iPhone 4 users are facing is the proximity sensors not functioning! There are reports from users that iPhone 4’s proximity sensor fail to detect faces, and users end up hanging or muting calls when they put their face on the screen.

Not all users face this issue making it hard to solve and we haven’t hear of any updates coming to solve it. MacWorld posted a workaround that might work, if you face this issue, try it, it might work:

Many affected users report that either a Settings reset or a hard reboot fixes their problem. One Apple support thread recommends that users open the Settings app, then go to General -> Reset, and choose “All Settings” at the top (note: this will not erase your apps,┬ámedia, or other data — that’s what the “Erase All Content and Settings” button just below this option is for. “Reset All Settings” just reverts any Settings preferences you’ve customized back to their factory defaults). One Twitter follower, Brian Partridge, reported that AppleCare told him to just use Reset -> Reset Network Settings, not all settings, and it worked.

iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G vs Droid X SPEED Test!

We all know AT&T slow and drop calls, because iPhone users are complaining non-stop, but is AT&T really slow? I don’t know as I’m living in Singapore, we are lucky that Singapore is a small country and we have relatively standard network regardless it is Singtel, M1 or Starhub. But Skattertech did a test with iPhone 4, EVO 4G, and Droid X on 3 carriers which are AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

So who is faster?

Speed Test: HTC EVO 4G vs. Apple iPhone 4 vs. Motorola Droid X from Sahas Katta on Vimeo.

The Result is shockingly different from most will thought of right? They will expect either Droid X or EVO 4G to win the SPEED test, but in the end, it was iPhone 4 on AT&T that beat both the phones. Although AT&T has been complaint a lot on drop calls and slow network, but it actually win the test by a huge margin. [Skattertech]

Apple iAds Live, Nissan Leaf is one of the first few iAds Seen!

Apple iAds is finally live and running, iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 4 have been seeing iAds on Apps showing. Some Applications already have place-holders for iAds to be shown, and leading the iAds pack is Nissan Leaf. Nissan’s iAds have been demo-ed by Steve Jobs during WWDC 10 Keynote where he show how interactive iAds can be and how it actually attract app users to ┬áclick on the ads and view the ads.

Here’s a YouTube Video of iAds on iPhone:

More are surfing the web on Apple iPad than Google Android!

Apple iPad have surpass Google Android on Web Surfing, more are browsing the web on iPad than Android-powered devices! This is a great achievement as iPad was out in the market for only 3 months and it have gained 0.17% of all web browser traffic tracked by Net Application! Looking at the graph, it is really impressive, so does it mean that what Steve Jobs said is right? Is iPad giving the users the best web browsing experience thus gaining so much browsing share? I think he is right, else you won’t be able to see such a great jump.