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BMW Supports iOS 4’s New Feature ‘iPod Out’

BMW will be the first car to be supporting the new iOS 4 feature iPod Out, this feature is not known by most people as it is not really the focus during WWDC, but it will be a very important and cool feature for Car-Markers.

iPod Out allows iPhone (4, 3GS, 3G or iPod Touch) to output and display iPod Interface when connected to the vehicle, it can be display through vehicle’s external display and uses the car’s controls. With this you will see your familiar interface from Apple, play the songs from your iPhone’s playlist, music catalog and mixes.

iPhone 4 is really going to be the best Portable Computer with Critix

Armed with 1GHZ A4 Processor, 1024 x 768 output resolution and Bluetooth keyboard support, iPhone 4 is really going to be the best portable computer you can bring around with you. You can download Apps like QuickOffice to edit your office documents, Mail App to check your mail and dropbox to manage your files.

But what if you can connect your iPhone 4 to your LCD Monitor, connect bluetooth keyboard and use your home PC/Mac as if you are bringing it with you? It is almost a dream come true for lots of office workers who are bring their laptop with them almost everywhere they go. With Critix’s Receiver 4.0 virtual desktop client, you can now do that.

Check out the video on the demo of how you can finally use your iPhone as your main computer:

Apple focusing to promote FaceTime

One of Apple’s iPhone focus is on FaceTime, now Apple launch their new Ads Campaign for iPhone focusing on FaceTime!

FaceTime is one of the newest feature of iPhone series, and will be available only on iPhone 4, no doubt Apple is pushing it. But that is not really the only reason, we know there are many many users out there wish that they can do video chat with their friends and family. Although it won’t really replace voice calls, but having the option to video chat when needed, it is really a good feature to have with you.

New Apple iPhone Ads

In this series of iPhone Ads, there are 4 new spots based heavily on family and love. I don’t know about you, but I fell into Apple’s marketing strategy, I felt warm in my heart after viewing their Ads. I can say they will be successful, because it really makes you wanna do video chat! Haha! You have to give it to Apple when it comes to marketing and commercials, they really do a good job.

The new ads tell us story on father coaxing his daugther, son showing his father his new grandchild, girl showing her boyfriend her new haircut and wife breaking out good news to his husband about his pregnancy. How heart warming is that? Do check out their video and you will know what I feel!

Hundreds Waited Overnight for the Opening of Shanghai Apple Store

It is a huge launch in China for Apple! Hundreds waited outside of the yet open Apple Store overnight to be the first to go into the store! Many even flew from different provinces of China for this opening event, many of them hope to catch a glimpse of the new iPhone 4 or Steve Jobs, but where disappointed…

Nevertheless, the opening is very successful and early visitors are given the special edition Apple Store T-Shirt

Check out the YouTube on the opening of first Shanghai Apple Store! [micgadget]

What’s Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive Secret? They have just be named Smartest CEO & Designer

Fortune has chosen the top 50 Smartest CEO, Designers, Analysts, Founders, Engineers, Academics, Hybrids, Investors, Scientists and Executives. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, has been chosen for the top Smartest CEO and Jonny Ive, Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design was appointed the Smartest Designer.

So what’s their Secret of achieving that?! I think I know why….

This might be their secret behind all the success they have gotten for the past 10 years… Jonathan Ive has been wearing the same type of shirt for the past 10 years. This is exactly like what his Boss( Steve Jobs) is doing, wearing the same shirt, pants and shoes.

So what?

Although it looks like a joke, but think carefully, it is a mindset that you have to achieve, by wearing the same shirt same design for the past few years. Why? Because you want consistency, easy, simple, clean and people will have a lasting impression! This is exactly what Apple is about, to be simple, easy to use and consistency throughout their product line. They both are perfectionist and are doing their best for the company. So that might be their secret of achieving what they have now. At least from my point of view…

Video Chat on iPhone 4 Over 3G

Video Call to Android phone with iPhone 4 Fring App

Apple launch iPhone 4 with a new way of communication, FaceTime. With FaceTime you can video chat with your love ones anywhere in the world, but you need Wifi and the person on the other end need to hold on to iPhone 4 too(for now).

Fring App has just been approved, changing everything. Now you can video chat with your love ones, anywhere with 3G and any mobile devices supported by fring, that includes android phones!

Fring’s blog:

With the new fring for iPhone you get lots of fring goodies including 2 way video-calling where you want and with whom you want!

– Face-to-face video calls with friends on their Droids, Nokia (Symbian S60) and other iPhones
– Video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi (Performance over 3G is subject to mobile operators’ 3G coverage & quality)

To see a demo of it, check out their youtube video:

So what are you waiting for? Download Fring today and enjoy 2 Way video chat with your android friends for free over 3G now!

ARSoccer: Juggle Soccer Ball with your Feet on your iPhone! [Video]

Augmented Reality Apps are going to be huge on iPhone? With iPhone 4, better camera, better processing power and even better battery life. AR can really be huge on iPhone, now we have a App for AR and it is for Soccer, ARSoccer!

It is a game where you will be juggling a soccer ball, with your feet, yes your real feet infront of your iPhone and that’s it. It is fun and it seems abit like Microsoft’s Kinect, where you can do actions with your body and it will be reflect on your screen in a game.

Check out the demo of the game:

Download ARSoccer in Apple App Store for $0.99!

Earns close to $1,400 in a Day with iAds

App Developer Jason Ting reviewed his earning on iAds from the first day of sales of his App LED light for iPhone 4 Free! This is one of the most impressive CPM we have ever seen, almost $150, and with 9300 impressions he is able to earn up to $1.4k! Such a great news to developer as it will definitely be a good sum of income for them, especially those who are developing apps for free.

Hopefully this good CPM will continue, and I’m sure more and more developers will be developing for iPhone, even for free with iAds as their main revenue stream.

iPhone 4 Drop Test with Apple’s Bumper Case

Bumper Case

Apple Bumper Cases indeed can prevent the Antenna Reception Issue that iPhone 4 is having on some of the iPhone 4. But is the bumper case going to protect iPhone 4 from drops at waist level? iFixYouri did drop test for iPhone 4 again, and results shows that Apple’s Bumper Case did not give any much protection to iPhone 4.

Check out their drop test video:

Note that they dropped the iPhone 4 on a concrete flooring, and it lasted 3 drops. Do take note the last drop of iPhone 4 appears to be facing down, so increasing the chances of breaking the screen. All this drops ain’t scientific tests, so nothing much can be concluded, just be careful and try not to drop your iPhone, actually it is the same for any other phones with large screens.

YouTube HTML 5 Web App

Google have just launched their new YouTube Web App in HTML 5. This will ensure that any mobile phone including Apple iPhone will be able to access YouTube on their mobile, also showing Google’s support on HTML 5 as their web platform. We have seen Google’s Android supporting Flash, but the performance is not that optimized yet. So with the new YouTube HTML 5 Web App, it is going to be benefiting both iPhone and other mobile users.

To Add YouTube Web App to your Home Screen for iPhone, go to on your mobile safari, press the ‘+’ button on the bottom of the Mobile Safari and select “Add This to Home Screen”

Overall the feel of the YouTube Web App is very good, it is as smooth as the YouTube App that we have on our iPhone, it is even better as I feel that it will be more up to date. Search and browsing of the YouTube is very easy, you can search for video or browse the most popular video.

The video played very smoothly and honesty, I like the Web App more than the native YouTube App in iPhone, so please “download” this app! You won’t regret, you will enjoy your youtube experience more on iPhone or any other smartphone around.