iPhone 4 Manufacture Cost – $188

Components of iPhone 4 cost are broken down and calculated, they all together cost around $188, with Apple’s new Retina Display as the most expensive part in iPhone 4.

Here’s part of the break down:

Gyroscope Chip : $2.60, Gyroscope is use to sense iPhone movie in 3D

A4 Processor: $10.75, Designed by Apple, Made by Samsung, the same processor used in iPad

Retina Display: $ 28.50, Highest Resolution Mobile Phone Screen in the market!

Apple iPhone 4 is retailed at USD$199 with contract to AT&T, but the Manufacturing cost is around $188. It seems like a pretty good deal for consumers, we are almost paying for just the manufacturing cost, with AT&T or other carriers like Singtel (Singapore) covering the rest of the cost with our contracts. [iSuppli]

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