Beautiful Art Drawn on iPad [Video]

iPad has been getting more and more popular among artists, as they slowly take notice of how art can be drawn on it. It is true, iPad might be one of the greatest tool an artist can ever get! Not only you can draw anywhere, you won’t have to worry about running out of paper or ink/paint. You can even undo your mistake or even zoom in to paint in even finer details! Here we got 2 very beautifully drawn human art on YouTube Video.

Kyle Lambert, use his iPad to draw Beyonce, here is a replay of his drawing which he took 6 hours to complete:

Not only Kyle Lambert is taking advantage of iPad, David Kassan also drawn a portrait on a live subject and it is amazing, check out his video:

Both the Artists are using Brushes on iPad, you can get it in App Store for $7.99, download here! [Techi]

So, what do you think ?