Apple focusing to promote FaceTime

One of Apple’s iPhone focus is on FaceTime, now Apple launch their new Ads Campaign for iPhone focusing on FaceTime!

FaceTime is one of the newest feature of iPhone series, and will be available only on iPhone 4, no doubt Apple is pushing it. But that is not really the only reason, we know there are many many users out there wish that they can do video chat with their friends and family. Although it won’t really replace voice calls, but having the option to video chat when needed, it is really a good feature to have with you.

New Apple iPhone Ads

In this series of iPhone Ads, there are 4 new spots based heavily on family and love. I don’t know about you, but I fell into Apple’s marketing strategy, I felt warm in my heart after viewing their Ads. I can say they will be successful, because it really makes you wanna do video chat! Haha! You have to give it to Apple when it comes to marketing and commercials, they really do a good job.

The new ads tell us story on father coaxing his daugther, son showing his father his new grandchild, girl showing her boyfriend her new haircut and wife breaking out good news to his husband about his pregnancy. How heart warming is that? Do check out their video and you will know what I feel!

So, what do you think ?