Safari 5 to be Announce by Steve Jobs on Monday’s WWDC?

According to reports from French Blog MacGeneration, one of announcement on Monday’s WWDC 2010 is Safari! It has been a while since Apple update their Safari, with Google’s Chrome gaining more and more market shares, it’s time for them to update their browser too?

From the document posted, Safari 5 will come with built-in Reader(RSS Reader) to better and easier RSS Reading, Bing will also join the rest of the search engine like Yahoo! and Google. 25 Percent faster performance for JavaScripts  and DNS prefetching like Chrome. Improved HTML5 Supports, like Full-Screen HTML5 Video, GeoLocation and more.

Stay Tuned at WWDC 2010 reports in UsingApple, its going to be an exciting event! 🙂

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