Queues Still Long for iPhone 4

3 days after launch of iPhone 4, the slimmest SmartPhone out in the market, people are still queuing outside of Apple Store and AT&T shops to get theirs.

iPhone 4 is really the most successfully product launch and devices sold ever! 1.7millions iPhone 4 are sold just within 3 days of launch, and they are only sold in 5 countries! 600,000 pre-orders is also one of the most pre-ordered device ever in history!

So… what is so special about iPhone 4 that it can attract so many people to queue outside of store just to get it? What is so good in it? I’m sure you all have seen lots of reviews, but I think the review of Andy Ihnatko is one of the most honest and good.

Check out his review here!

So, what do you think ?