Pulse praised by Steve, pull off from App Store, and is now back!

Pulse underwent lots of hardship, sweat and now sweetness. Pulse, as we have reviewed, is a News aggregator, RSS Reader type App for iPad, not only it is a RSS Reader but a beautiful one.

During WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs praised Pulse App in front of millions of viewers, and the next day it is being pull of from the App Store due to New York Times complains about their use of content. This is just 24 hours after Steve Jobs praise that App! But worry no more because Pulse is back in Apple’s App Store. So what happened? No one actually knows, but I’m sure Steve Jobs did talk to New York Times on the issue, calm them down and let Pulse back into his Store.

You can download Pulse once again in App Store for $3.99

So, what do you think ?