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Multi-Touch Apple Remote for AppleTV

MacPredictions have came out very nice looking concept of how multi-touch Apple remote for Apple TV will look like, and it is gorgeously nice!

It is previously rumored that Apple will be coming out iPhone-size AppleTV which will have A4 Chip, 16GB Storage and all iTunes Content can be stream from cloud. Base on that MacPrediction did a very nice concept art of how new remote will look like with reference to the magic mouse that Apple released last year.

I’m sure mutli-touch remote will interact better with Apple TV than just buttons if next generation Apple TV is build like a iPhone, which icons, docks and Apps. Users can be playing games even from the remote itself, ain’t that just cool? Let’s hope that Apple will be releasing something like what we have seen!

Japan Doctor use iPad in their surgery just 1 week after launch

This is crazy! How fast Japanese can adapt to new technology and incorporate it to their daily life… Just 1 week after iPad launch in Japan, we have seen how magician started using their iPad as their tool in shows, but using it as a tool to aid doctors in their surgery?! This is amazing, how much confidence they have in the product and how much effort they put into testing.

According to the interviewed doctor, everything in the surgery went smoothly, with the aid of the device, they can better see the inside of the patient, by just pinching and zooming. Apparently, iPad is the newest and greatest addition to the surgical room.

Check out the video of how the doctor use iPad to aid in surgery(please note that the video might make you feel alittle unwell, as any surgical video will):

White iPhone HD/4G is definitely coming with new leaked photos

PowerbookMedic a Mac Repair shops received photos parts of next generation iPhone, and the one shown is the Full white body iPhone which has been rumored and we are very sure it is coming! Although they don’t look like final model of cases as the serial numbers are dummy numbers rather than real serials numbers that we have seen on the back of our iPhones.

We can be quite sure White iPhone is definitely coming to us and hopefully be announced during next week’s WWDC!

iReview: Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeves for iPad

Fabrix Cases sent their newest Magic Sleeve for Apple iPad for UsingApple to review! We think that Fabrix Magic Sleeve for iPad is really quite cool, It is built to the precise dimension of the iPad for both Wifi and 3G model. What we like about this case is that it is made of soft cotton material which is very comfortable to hold on, and extremely light compare to most cases available.

It slip just right in and it will be held with a inner “pillow flap” which will prevent your iPad from slipping out of the case. As it is sleeve, lined with soft cushion padding, it will not only protect scratches for the back and the screen, it can also protect for slight bump! Due to the sleeve design, the screen is kept clean and you might even be able to “wipe some oil” from your iPad screen when you slip in and take out of the sleeve! Haha!

Overall we feel that this sleeve is very cool, it protects the iPad quite well and it comes with different colour and design which we love!

Fabrix Cases sent the iPad Sleeve to us in a very nice package which is a nice surprise!

Magic Sleeve for Apple iPad is priced at USD$32.90, and which each purchase you will be given $10 discount of iPod Cases, remember to key in coupon code “bundlejoy”!

To thank our Singapore Readers, Fabrix Cases have decided to give our Singapore Reader 1 free Magic Sleeve for iPad(the one that we reviewed). All you need to do is to leave us a comment on this post! We will pick a lucky reader, so please leave your email address when u comment, we will be contacting the lucky winner!

We have randomly picked our Lucky Reader Justine! Check out the youtube video on how we picked ( We have contacted him, and will be sending to him the Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad soon! 🙂

Do join Fabrix Case’s Facebook Fan page and UsingApple’s Facebook Fan Page too!

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Note: This is not a paid review, we are giving away our review item too.

Do and Create Magic with iPad

We have seen what people do with their iPad, watch videos, check emails, write documents, tweet, chat, skype, play games. But have you wonder what else can you do with it? Salary Magician thought differently, he created magic with iPad.

It is surprising how fast he managed to make and create magic out of iPad so soon as iPad only started selling in Japan less than a week or so! I’m sure more and more innovative ways of using your iPad will be coming soon as more and more people get hold of their iPads.

Check out his Magic!

Kid built his own iPad Stand

Remember Brett? Remember how this 10 years old kid repaired his own cracked iPhone 3GS screen and saved almost $180? Not only he save money on his iPhone screen, he also saved money on buying iPad’s stand!

This kid is just too cool, he not only built a iPad stand for himself, he also motivated lots of people to start DIY-ing for themselves. With the helps from his dad, they went to get a piece of wood, hinge and a couple knobs and presto. It ain’t the best looking stand for iPad, but there’s lots of innovation and creativity in this kid. [cnet]

Automated Installation of Android OS onto iPhone 2G/3G for Mac

Remember how David show us his iPhone running off Android, remember the 68 steps tutorial on how to install android onto iPhone?

Now if you want to install Android on your iPhone it is not so hard anymore! FunkySpaceMonkey have come out with a automated installation program for you!

iPhodroid Installation Guide:

You will need:

  • a jailbroken iPhone 2G or 3G on firmware 3.1.2 (TAKE NOTE not 3.1.3)
  • Device jailbroken using Pwnage Tool, RedSn0w or Blackra1n, Spirit won’t work
  • openSSH installed with default password(alpine)
  • macfuse installed on mac
  • and iPhodroid

Steps on doing installation:

  1. Download iPhodroid and extract it out
  2. Install Macfuse
  3. Run iPhodroid and click on run – total process will take around 5mins

And you can now enjoy Android on your iPhone.