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iPhone 4 – Thinnest SmartPhone on Earth

iPhone 4, new design, different from what you have seen for previous 3 generation of iPhone. Now iPhone 4 is 9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than iPhone 3GS! iPhone 4 is now the thinnest smartphone out in the market.

iPhone 4 is getting new and better screen, 3.5 inch IPS display, 960X640 pixel(4X more), 326 pixel per inch, 800:1 contract ratio, Share images!

Here’s a comparsion – iPhone 3GS:

iPhone 4 Screen, it is much clearer and sharper!

Now we have seen the better screen, Apple showed us how the internal looks like for iPhone 4, look at the picture and you will realise, they really make everything small! Now the biggest part is the battery, and the battery only. The rest are just mainboard and chips.

Afterall iPhone 4 is mainly battery, thus there is also a improvement in iPhone 4, now we can have 300 hours standby, 3G talk for 7 hours, 3G data browsing for 6 hours, 10 hours of video and 40 hours of music. It is almost as good as iPad, but of course for the size of iPhone, it is really quite hard to match the battery life.

It is quite new to us, iPhone 4 will have gyroscope, now iPhone will have 6 axis motion sensing, better motion sensing now with gyroscope and accelerometer! So more motion sensing games coming to us like what Steve Jobs played.

iPhone 4 is getting better camera! 5Megapixel camera, which 5x digital zoom, tap to focus, LED Flash, backside illuminated sensor, better camera engine. Now we can shoot better photos in low lights, and better picture quality.

I think this is the biggest update for iPhone 4, now we can record 720p HD video 30fps on iPhone 4! It is pretty cool, I think we can use the LED Flash for video recording, thus night shots will be better. Apple is also selling us iMovie for iPhone, where you can edit your iPhone Video on the go, without any Mac/PC, and export to a version that you.

iMovie for iPhone, where you can edit your video shot on iPhone 4, and export it out on the move.

iPhone OS 4 is now renamed to iOS4 due to iPad? But everything else is as reported previously for iPhone OS 4. Nothing special other than Rentia Display Integration.

iBookStore is coming to iPhone, it will wirelessly sync all your books, bookmarks, notes without extra charges.

iAds will be huge for the coming iOS4, integrated with iOS4, developer will be able to place Ads in their Apps, and users will be able to view the ads, without exiting the App!

iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video chat coming, and it is called FaceTime, which is weird when they have iChat. I’m not sure why they did not use it, but anyway we will be getting iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video chat but WIFI only!

Zero Setup required for FaceTime, meaning you can just chat straight from the box(but you need to setup your Wifi first), Front and Rear camera can be used! 🙂 That’s sweet.

iPhone Price Updates: iPhone 3GS will be $99, iPhone 4 16GB will be $199, iPhone 4 32 GB will be $299! I think the pricing are quite agressive! They ain’t as expensive as it was when they launch iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS!

June 24 will be the launch date for US, France, Germany, UK and Japan! It is fast, it is only like 2 weeks from now! What is more exciting is that Singapore is going to get iPhone by July! Which is also when we will get iPad, a combo month?

iPhone 4 Launch in Singapore by July! Excited!

Apple will be selling us bunkers for iPhone 4 which will be like a iPhone case that protects the side of iPhone.

Other than all this news, we will also be getting iOS4 by June 21, which will be 3 days before iPhone 4 launch in US, and 4 other countries.

More updates will be coming soon! Stay Tuned at for more news and updates! [Thanks Engadget & Gdgt for Photos]

Jetstar Bringing Us the First iPad inflight Entertainment System

Jetstar is bringing us our first iPad Inflight Entertainment System! It is coming sooner than we think isn’t it? Haha! Qantas budget carrier Jetstar Airways will hold a trial of the service in the last two weeks of June, doling out iPads to passengers on flights 90 minutes or greater for AUD $10 (approximately $8.40). Of course if the response is good, they will be bringing to all their flights, which I think would be a good idea. What other device can be as easy to use and learn, and as entertaining as an Apple iPad.

Mac Mini Refresh With HDMI Coming During WWDC 2010?

HDMI Port rumored to be replacing the old DVI port on Mac Mini? This rumor has been spreading for quite a while, but are we really seeing that this time? There are sources claiming recent shortages of Mac Mini, which is the usual practice for Apple to lower down production for products that will be refresh soon.

Other than HDMI Port, it is also rumored that NVIDIA MCP89 chipset will also replace the existing ones. Which HDMI and better graphics coming, I’m sure it will be one of the best Media Center Device in the Market. Let’s stay tuned and see if a refresh that we want will really come at WWDC 2010!

Safari 5 to be Announce by Steve Jobs on Monday’s WWDC?

According to reports from French Blog MacGeneration, one of announcement on Monday’s WWDC 2010 is Safari! It has been a while since Apple update their Safari, with Google’s Chrome gaining more and more market shares, it’s time for them to update their browser too?

From the document posted, Safari 5 will come with built-in Reader(RSS Reader) to better and easier RSS Reading, Bing will also join the rest of the search engine like Yahoo! and Google. 25 Percent faster performance for JavaScripts  and DNS prefetching like Chrome. Improved HTML5 Supports, like Full-Screen HTML5 Video, GeoLocation and more.

Stay Tuned at WWDC 2010 reports in UsingApple, its going to be an exciting event! 🙂

Apple made 1 Billion off iPad within 2 months

Apple made more than 1 Billion gross revenue off iPad just within 2 months! This result is almost impossible for any company to gain. For context about just what a monumental achievement this is, consider the fact that when FedEx reached $1 billion in gross sales in its tenth year of operation, that was the quickest rise to a billion dollars in revenue without acquisitions in the history of American business.

Apple iPad starts from the cheapest 16GB Wifi Model @ $499 to $829 for the 64GB 3G Model. With Apple’s iPad Sales breaking 2 Million in the first 2 months, means they already sold 1 billion dollars worth of iPad! Super incredible sales figure achieved.

Apple will be having more international launch WorldWide soon, and we will definitely see a huge increase in sales figures and iPad will be outselling Macs soon.

iWebCamera – Use your iPhone as your Web Camera, move around with ease

One common problem we have last time in PC is that they don’t come with Web Camera, and we need to purchase them. Nowadays most Laptop/Macs comes with built-in WebCam, but they are normally unable to move and shift. Thus you will be shifting your laptop/macbook if you need it to point to another direction.

iWebCamera now allow you to stream video capture from your iPhone to your PC as a WebCam! Now you can point to anywhere you wish to film with ease and without the problem of shifting your laptop as a whole!

Some of their feature:

● Turn your iPhone into a real wireless webcamera.
● Two quality options.
● Instant-Pause mode, stop streaming instantly and resume whenever you want without exiting your host application.
● Plug and Play ready, install the Windows drivers and you are ready to go!
● Built-in manual. (Also available on the iWebcamera homepage)
● Beautiful User interface fully translated in English and German.
● Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Do note that they only support Windows Machine now, and it is just plain misleading that they film the ads which a Macbook Pro but it is running Windows.

iWebCamera is available in App Store now at a promotional price @ $4.99

Steve Jobs thoughts on Gizmodo iPhone Incident

Steve Jobs attended the AllthingsD Conference, and commented on his thoughts regarding the Gizmodo iPhone incident that happened just last month. Gizmodo got hold of the iPhone Next Generation that one of Apple’s employee lost in a bar during his birthday party. Police was alerted and Jason Chen’s stuff was took away for investigation due to this incident.

Steve Jobs now tell us his thoughts of this incident and how it will not change how Apple work even after this incident. Check out his video from AllthingsD:

Pulse the most beautiful iPad NewsReader App

We have seen alot of News Reader Apps around, but nothing like what the 2 Stanford Alums Ashkay Kothari and Ankit Gupta has created, Pulse. It is the most beautiful, gorgeous iPad NewsReader we have seen so far. But it is not only pretty, it is also useful, it makes RSS, Atom feeds search/add as easy as a google search!

Ankit Gupta said:

A lot of people we talked to were really confused about RSS and Atom and the whole vocabulary around news aggregators. We have thrown all those terms away, and made it as easy as Google search. You enter some keywords, Pulse gives you top results and you can pick the source you want to follow

This App is very cool and nice but there is a 20 feed limitation, thus if you wish to add all the feeds that you already have in your google reader, it is currently impossible, but if you just wish to read your favourite 20 top feeds, this is definitely a App you don’t wanna miss!

Pulse is available in App Store now @ $3.99

iPhone HD/4G Clone out in Market even before Official Launch

Sometimes you just need to be impressed by how fast China Clones can be produce so fast, and you also need to be impress how successful is Apple. Even before the Official announcement or launch of iPhone 4G/HD, China already clone out a iPhone 4G/HD and will be selling out in their market.

How do you know your product is successful? When company make clone/lookalike of your product, Apple is so successful that clones are in market even before releasing the product! Haha!

This China iPhone knock-off is called GPS iPhone, and it looks pretty close to the leaked photos we saw from Gizmodo and Vietnam, except for the long TV Antenna. So before you think it is the leaked iPhone, look twice before buying! [CultofMac]