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iFixit tear down iPhone 4

In order to get on hold of iPhone 4 as early as possible, iFixit team member Kyle flew all the way down to Japan with a tent. But who knows Apple actually sent out iPhone 4 early!

The tear down from IFixit reveals that the internal of iPhone 4 looks almost extactly the same as the one being tear down by Gizmodo! But now we know that iPhone 4 contains Apple’s A4 Chip, 512MB of RAM, new Retina Display, 2 Camera(1 5MegaPixel), secondary mic for noise canceling, huge battery accelerometer and newly added gyroscope!

iPhone 4 Shipped out early, Moses blog about his iPhone 4!

Loyal Moses receive his iPhone 4 2 days earlier than original shipment date! It might be due to the huge amount of pre-orders for iPhone 4, it is reported that there are 600,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders and still counting! It is almost a impossible number for pre-orders, it should be the largest amount of pre-orders for a device in history.

Back to Moses, according to him, the screen is brilliant and clear and almost surreal feel to it! With the New A4 Chip, iPhone 4 is snappy and everything is just smooth and quick. Although iPhone 4 is using it’s stainless steel housing as antenna, but he still experience drops calls, thus I think it is really AT&T’s issues. As a iPhone 3G user in Singapore, I have never experience any drop call, and I have been on 2 different carriers for the past 2 years.

Moses’s comment on his iPhone 4:

Battery is quite impressive, my son played Jelly Car 2 for about 45 minutes or so and depleted a measly 8% of the battery.

In regards to heat, it does feel a little warm, like hand-warmer warm… nothing serious.

The rear facing camera, which is by far one of the most popular features is just incredible, the videos and snapshots below don’t do it justice… I’m not a photographer so it’s easy to see why they look so amateurish.

The camera display while taking snapshots and recording video is breath taking, colors are amazing.

Over all, super-impressed.

Among the photos that he shared, I am very impressed with the low light photos he took with iPhone 4, the LED Flash Light looks quite impressive!

iPhone 4 Picture in Low Light Without Flash

iPhone 4 Low Light Photo with Flash

More iPhone 4 Low Light Photos (Without Flash)

iPhone 4 Photos in Low Light with Flash

The photos are impressive right?! From a Mobile Phone’s Camera, I feel this is fairly impressive! Also remember to check out his HD Video shot outdoor with his iPhone 4. [loyalmoses]

iPhone 4 Box looks very cool!

iPhone 4 Box Photo is leaked out, and it looks very cool! This iPhone 4 Package was delivered to Walmart, despite it reaching Walmart early, they are not allow to sell it yet.

Singapore Telecom – M1 is registering interested iPhone 4 buyers

One of Singapore’s Telecommunication Provider, M1 is registering interest of potiential iPhone 4 buyers and will be notifying them when they can pre-order iPhone 4 from them.

Apple will be having more international iPhone 4 launches worldwide on July and Singapore is one of the few.

M1 is the first Telecom provider that created pre pre-order website for their users.

If you are on M1 or wish to be on M1 and buy the coming iPhone 4, check out their website here!

JailBreak iOS 4.0 for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G with RedSn0w 0.9.5b5-3

RedSn0w has been updated with the release of iOS 4, now you can jail break your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch with RedSn0w 0.9.5b5-3! It is available for both Mac and Windows, and it not only jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch, it can also enable Multi-Tasking and Background change features (which is disabled by Apple)

Here the guide on the RedSn0w 0.9.5b5-3 Jailbreak for iOS 4.0:

1. Download iOS 4 for your version of iPhone or iPod Touch, Link are here.

2. Update your iPhone/iPod Touch to the iOS 4, Go to ‘iTunes‘, then to ‘Device’, and restore your iPhone with the iOS 4 you have just downloaded.

3. As you are restoring your iPhone/iPod, Download RedSn0w 0.9.5b5-3 (Mac / Windows).

4. After you are done with the restoring and downloads of RedSn0w, Start up ‘RedSn0w‘.

5. Click on ‘Browse’ and Select the ipsw files that you have just downloaded here, and Click on ‘Next‘ Button.

6. Wait for the IPSW to finish processing, and Click ‘Next

7. Here is the important Section, There is a few options for you to select before you continue:

Install Cydia is a must check, as that will enable you to download jailbroke apps and settings. Multi-Tasking will enable you to have multi-tasking just like users who have iPhone 3GS, BUT please take note that enabling Multi-Tasking will SLOW DOWN your iPhone 3G by quite abit.

I, Myself have tried it, it is slow… so if you still wish to have multi-tasking, please check on it.

8. Once you are done with the selection Click ‘Next

9. When you reach this screen, Switch Off your iPhone/iPod now and PLUG in your device to your computer before you click ‘NEXT

10. Follow the RedSn0w’s Screen for instructions for entering your iPhone into DFU mode.

11. After you are done, you can take a rest now. Wait for RedSn0w to do the rest of the work, once done click on ‘Finish‘ and your iPhone/iPod will restart.

12. After your iPhone/iPod reboot, you will realise your Cydia icon is a blank white icon, don’t worry, click on the Cydia icon and go to ‘Manage‘ Tab then go to ‘Source‘ panel

13. Add a new Source – repo. After you are done, reboot your iPhone and you will be able to see the usual Cydia icon.

Thanks for following through the guide, if you guys have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment or tweet to us @usingapple

iPhone 4 FaceTime Don’t Use Your Call Time! It’s Free!

Apple representative has just confirmed that thew FaceTime Video Call we saw from WWDC 2010 won’t be using your Carrier’s Call Time, even when the voice chat was from a phone call.

So what does it really mean? It means that you can be on phone with your friend for 5 minutes, thereafter you 2 have decided to do a video chat on FaceTime on iPhone 4. So once you click on the FaceTime icon on the phone call, your phone call will end and you will be doing FaceTime Video Chat over WIFI. Thus the Carrier’s call time will end, and no matter how long you chat on FaceTime, it will be free!

It is a very good news to us, especially users who are facing issues on AT&T connectivity issues, as the call will be fully WIFI, and no matter if your 3G/2G connection is bad, your FaceTime call will be smooth.

Although Apple stated that FaceTime will be WIFI only for 2010, so they mean we are getting 3G FaceTime Video Chat on 2011? I’m sure Apple is already working on it with the carriers worldwide, so I’m sure they will be coming very very soon. So if FaceTime is on 3G, it will mean that we will be bill only on 3G usage, and no voice. It also slowly prove that Voice Calling is dying.. and Data will be the king in time to come… [Yahoo!]

Windows Live Messenger Finally come to iPhone!

Microsoft finally bring Windows Live Messenger to iPhone after soooo long. iPhone users has been using lots of other chat clients like meebo, frings or even ebuddy to chat on live messenger.

Windows Live Messenger iPhone App is free and can be downloaded here! Users will be able to chat with friends from Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, although only 2 services are quite limited as many Apps allows multiple chat services.

There is this Social Tab, where you will be able to see your friends sharing on Flickr, YouTube, mySpace or even Facebook, reminds us of the Service we have seen in Windows 7 Phone.

I’m not really a fan of the App, so I will still be using back other IM Apps like Meebo that I have been using for years, and they are serving me well, especially when I can connect to not only Windows Live Messengers, and also to GTalk and Skype!

GPS Navigation Multi-Tasking in iOS 4 Demonstrated by Navigon

Navigon has been offering iPhone users turn-by-turn navigation for quite some time, but the issue is that when navigating with navigon, you will not be able to listen to the voice guidance during any phone calls. This causes problem for users who are driving and wish to talk on the phone at the same time.

With iOS 4 Multi-Tasking feature, Navigon can now navigate, and receive call at the same time, and after the call, Navigon application will automatically switch back to the foreground and resume full navigation with maps.

iOS 4 will launch on 21th of June,  3 days before the launch of iPhone 4, although most iPhone and iPod generation will be able to upgrade to iOS4, but only iPhone 3GS and iPod 3rd Generation will be able to enjoy the multi-tasking feature together with iPhone 4.