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iPhone 4 Best Smart Phone in Image and Video Quality!

Looks like Steve Jobs is right again on the Mega Pixel chase in smartphone industry. During WWDC 10, Steve Jobs announced his new creation – iPhone 4, with just 5mega pixel camera rather than up-coming standard of 8-mega pixel for smartphone. He told us that Image quality is not just about mega pixel, but about lens, camera engine and also low light captures. iPhone 4 definitely improved greatly on low light photos, with the better lens and LED flash.

So, to prove that Apple is right, MacWorld conducted a series of tests comparing iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy, and basic point-and-shoot camera from Samsung and Sony. For Video Flip Video M2120 was thrown in as the only dedicated video device.

Image Ranking

Result show us that iPhone 4 is just behind the 2 point-and-shoot camera, and tops Mobile Phones in their image quality. This is just simply impressive as iPhone 4 is now the best mobile camera you can get, although most other phones have more mega-pixel capable camera, but they can’t match the quality that iPhone 4 is giving, especially in low light!

Video Ranking

If MacWorld did not add Flip Camera, iPhone 4 will be topping the chart, even for the point-and-shoot cameras from Samsung and Sony, yes it is that good. Even for the dedicated video device, The Flip, is it only slightly better than our multi-purpose iPhone 4. This should be due to the reason that iPhone 4 can shoot up to 720p video at 30FPS, which most phones can’t achieve at this point of time. But we have to say that audio quality in the iPhone 4 is still lagging behind others like Droid X and Samsung Galaxy.


Like you might have hear a couple of times, “the best camera is the camera that is always with you“, indeed iPhone 4 is the best camera in the smartphone market and it is also the camera that will always be with you. Making iPhone 4 the best of best camera you can get for now. [MacWorld]

iPhone 4 with Gyroscope Makes Gaming on iPhone much better

One problem with iPhone Gaming is that there are no physical buttons, thus movement controls are very hard to achieve, even if you can move, you often have problem moving your character accurately. In my view, it really make me feel that some of the First Person Shooting Games and RPG Game really tiring to play.

But with the announcement of iPhone 4, Gaming will be even more interesting now, as they will be including Gyroscope inside. So what is Gyroscope?

gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of conversation of angular momentum. A mechanical gyroscope is essentially a spinning wheel or disk whose axle is free to take any orientation.

So what can it actually do? It can track your movement of the device, by more axis, so you can twist and turn like you are looking from the screen, and the game will move according to your movement… Like it is really moving.

It is very hard to imagine, check out the video below. It is a game call gun range which is done up by ngmoco, making use of the gyroscope.. and you will understand how powerful this will be in gaming… [Techcrunch]

Real Use of Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumpers

After the launch of iPhone 4, then we realise the actual use of Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumpers… They are not really use to protect your iPhone 4… It is actually a savior for your iPhone 4 Antenna issues! Many users commented that after they use iPhone 4’s Bumper on your phone, there are no longer any lost of reception then they hold it the “wrong” way. So now we finally know the REAL USE of iPhone 4 Bumper, to save your iPhone from Reception Issue when you touch it.

Here is a Video on iPhone 4 User, solving his reception issues by just slotting it into a old iPhone 3GS case, thus if we put iPhone 4 in any cases, should be able to solve the issues.

So If you are facing iPhone 4 Reception Issues, you might want to consider buying bumpers and give it a try.. It might give you extra protection to your iPhone 4 and improve on the Antenna issues.

Apple Confirm on Antenna Issues when you hold on to it, in a weird way

We have posted about users facing Reception issues when they hold on to iPhone 4 in a particular way, there are rumors saying that those users might be holding on to metal objects or trying to short the circuit of the antenna. But Apple just confirmed that this is a known issue that if User hold the iPhone 4 on the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, shown on the photo above.

No doubt, lots of users have sent emails to Steve Jobs regarding this issues, hoping that he will reply. This is a action seems so popular in recents days, as it seems like Steve Jobs is replying to a lot of user sent emails recently!

This email was sent by Lucas, complaining on the antenna issue, and what did Jobs replied? “It’s not a big issue”!

In Regards to this Antenna issue, Apple also have officially acknowledged and responded to this iPhone 4 Antenna Reception problems:

Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.

Apple also mentioned that they will be updating the software of iOS 4 to resolve this issue, so we are not really sure if this is a hardware or software issue. Hopefully it is just a software issue, as it can be easily solve compare to hardware… [Gizmodo]

Radium: The Simplest and Easiest to use Internet Radio

If you want to listen to Radio, and you want to listen Internet Radio from your Mac, you will need Radium! Radium by far is what we feel as the simplest and easiest to use Internet Radio Application.

Most of the time, we get our radio fix from website of Radio Stations like Class 95FM, but it is always a pain to bookmark radio station, and switching from webpages to webpages when you wish to change channels. I was different once I got hold of Radium from Catpigstudio.

After installation, Radium sits quietly on your Menu Bar, and is always accessible to you.

When you Click on Radium’s Icon on Menu Bar, you will be able to see  a few options, like Add all Channels, Add Channels Manually, Import Channel From Stream URL and Quit.

As the options have suggested, you can add all the channels in Radium’s Network List, or you can add channel manually or if you know the Stream URL, you can add it in if it is not found on Radium’s Network List already.

As you might have notice, Radium’s Menu is very simple, so how do I select my preference and settings? You can access the Settings by clicking on the gear icon beside Radium’s Search Bar. From there you can select bandwidth’s quality or go to preference where you will have more settings you can adjust.

In the General Preference Tab, you can select options like last-played channel on startup/wake, which I think is a very neat feature, because I will always have my favorite channel playing when I boot up my mac in the morning! Not only that, you can also use Apple’s Shortcut/Multimedia Keys to access Radium.

One of the neatest feature that Radium have is the large collection of Internet Radio Network List! I’m sure lots of effort was spent in collecting this list of network, so users can just find their stations out of the box. It is quite a complex list, so try searching, you will be surprise your radio station might already be in there.

If your radio station is not in there, you can also add it manually in Radium, go to ‘Radium Preference‘, then to ‘Radio Network‘, click on the ‘+‘ icon. You will be prompt with the screen below where you can add your station’s information!

Adding Network is easy, but actually going to find your Radio Station Information is very difficult. But luckily Radium’s Network List is quite comprehensive.

Overall I feel Radium is really a very easy to use app for listening to internet radio, you just have to install and start listening without changing much settings or spend time finding your favorite radio station’s details. Radium’s Spotlight search is very useful, if you like switching from channels to channels.

Start enjoy the experience of listening to internet radio with radium for $16, you can find Radium here.  Oh ya! Radium is having a promotion at mupromo where you can get Radium 15% off @ 13.60, so check out MuPromo.

iPhone 4 Antenna Band Issue, Lost Reception When Hold on to it?

Lots of iPhone 4 users are complaining the lost of reception once they hold on to iPhone 4. We are not sure if he is holding on to anything else on the other hand, or is he shorting the circuits, but I feel that is something wrong with this. Surely Apple would have notice issues like this, if they do, why do they still do a external antenna? So I feel that there might be some issues with the antenna or at least the guy in the video might be doing something to it or holding it in a way that will cause the reception to drop?

One of the leading experts when it comes to mobile phone antennas, is Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen from Aalborg University’s Department of Electronic Systems. He mention that when human touches metal antenna, the reception might drop due to inhibitory effect. Check out his post here.

Check out the video:

Apple iPhone 4 is yet to be launch in Singapore, thus I have no way to confirm on this issue, so let’s see when I get mine. [Gizmodo]

iPhone 4 Screen Smash after 3 drops…

iFixYouri did a iPhone 4 drop test, dropping the iPhone 4 from a waist level height and the iPhone’s screen smashed after the 3rd drop.

This is not any scientific experiment, all they tried to do is drop iPhone 4 on road multiple times to see what will happen to it. After the 2nd drop iPhone 4 stop working and seems to have switched off. 3rd drop and the iPhone 4 ‘Super Hard and Strong Screen‘ is smashed.

Check out their Video:

iOS 4 is Cool, but also fixes 60 over Security Vulnerabilities

iOS 4 is not only a cool update with Multi-Tasking and custom background features, it is also a important update that fix over 60 Security Vulnerabilities!

Apple has posted new support document summarizing the security fixes that is in iOS 4. Most of the fixes are on WebKit, which is the engine that power Apple’s Safari and Mobile Safari.

For more details of the fixes, check out Apple’s Support Document here.

Safari 5: How to Enable Extensions

Apple announced during WWDC 10 the release of Safari 5, there are quite a few features updated, like better performance, better HTML 5 Support, Safari Reader and the most requested feature – Extensions!

After FireFox and Google Chrome, Apple launch their own Extensions Support in Safari 5, so now you can install own favorite Extension on your favorite browser. But Extensions on Safari 5 is still only for developers, so if you want to have a preview of it, you got to follow some steps, before Extensions can be enabled.

iLearn –

What you will need? Safari 5! Download Safari 5 here, if you haven’t downloaded it.


1. Check if you already have Safari 5 installed, Go to ‘Safari Menu‘, choose ‘About Safari

2. Make sure your Safari is already Safari 5 or above.

3. Once you are done, Click on ‘Safari Menu‘ then choose ‘Preference

4. In the preference menu, select ‘Advanced‘ Tab, click on the ‘Show Develop Menu in menu bar‘.

5. Close your ‘Safari Preference‘ and click on the Newly Added ‘Develop‘ option on your Menu Bar, Click on ‘Enable Extensions’

6. After you are done, Go back to ‘Safari Preference‘, you will see the newly added ‘Extension‘ Tab, you will see your Extensions is now Enable!

7. You are all done, and you can now download Extensions and install them. Apple are now accepting Extensions Submissions from Developers, so we will be seeing some website/store that will allow users to download extensions with ease(Currently, you have to google to find them).

Please note that Extensions will remain Enable unless you disable them by Switching the “ON” to “OFF” in the Extension Tab!