Mac Mini Refresh – New Design, Faster Graphics HDMI Port!

Apple Mac Mini got refresh again! Now with very cool new design, faster graphics and the most waited feature – HDMI output port!

I don’t know why, but Apple kind of got interested in their Mac Mini recently, after 2 refresh in a year, Apple refresh their Mac Mini again… Now with the brand new design, Mac Mini is also Aluminum unibody like the rest of the family. ¬†They even make a “hole” at the bottom of Mac Mini for easy upgrade of RAM.

But what makes the New Mac Mini most interesting? HDMI Port! Now you can easily plug in your HDMI cable from your Mac Mini to your Full HD TV and start streaming/playing videos!

Here’s a summary of the updated items:

– 2.4GHz or 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
– 1.4″ thick Unibody enclosure
– NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics Card
– Built-in Power Supply
– HDMI port and Mini DisplayPort
– Removable bottom panel

Check out more details at Apple Website

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