iPhone 4 Video & Photo Quality Demo in Prague

A reader from Jablickar.cz from Czech Republic has allowed a first hand look at photo and video quality of Apple’s latest creation iPhone 4. The photos are taken by iPhone 4 with tis 5 Megapixel camera and they seems impressive although all the photos are outdoor photos.

The user, Swenak, said that iPhone 4 is fast and responsive, the thinner design fit better in pocket. He also mention that the glass front and back prevent scratches, though they feel that the stainless steel rim will become scuffer up over time. The device receive GPS signal in a “surprisingly quick” fashion and obtain a lock “almost immediately”!

The battery life is also fairly impressive, after 1 hour of heavy usage like playing games, surfing web, watching video on YouTube and accessing Google Map, the battery only dropped 10 percent.

Check out more of the photos and the video at the Original Report

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