iPhone 4 FaceTime Don’t Use Your Call Time! It’s Free!

Apple representative has just confirmed that thew FaceTime Video Call we saw from WWDC 2010 won’t be using your Carrier’s Call Time, even when the voice chat was from a phone call.

So what does it really mean? It means that you can be on phone with your friend for 5 minutes, thereafter you 2 have decided to do a video chat on FaceTime on iPhone 4. So once you click on the FaceTime icon on the phone call, your phone call will end and you will be doing FaceTime Video Chat over WIFI. Thus the Carrier’s call time will end, and no matter how long you chat on FaceTime, it will be free!

It is a very good news to us, especially users who are facing issues on AT&T connectivity issues, as the call will be fully WIFI, and no matter if your 3G/2G connection is bad, your FaceTime call will be smooth.

Although Apple stated that FaceTime will be WIFI only for 2010, so they mean we are getting 3G FaceTime Video Chat on 2011? I’m sure Apple is already working on it with the carriers worldwide, so I’m sure they will be coming very very soon. So if FaceTime is on 3G, it will mean that we will be bill only on 3G usage, and no voice. It also slowly prove that Voice Calling is dying.. and Data will be the king in time to come… [Yahoo!]

So, what do you think ?