iPhone 4 Best Smart Phone in Image and Video Quality!

Looks like Steve Jobs is right again on the Mega Pixel chase in smartphone industry. During WWDC 10, Steve Jobs announced his new creation – iPhone 4, with just 5mega pixel camera rather than up-coming standard of 8-mega pixel for smartphone. He told us that Image quality is not just about mega pixel, but about lens, camera engine and also low light captures. iPhone 4 definitely improved greatly on low light photos, with the better lens and LED flash.

So, to prove that Apple is right, MacWorld conducted a series of tests comparing iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy, and basic point-and-shoot camera from Samsung and Sony. For Video Flip Video M2120 was thrown in as the only dedicated video device.

Image Ranking

Result show us that iPhone 4 is just behind the 2 point-and-shoot camera, and tops Mobile Phones in their image quality. This is just simply impressive as iPhone 4 is now the best mobile camera you can get, although most other phones have more mega-pixel capable camera, but they can’t match the quality that iPhone 4 is giving, especially in low light!

Video Ranking

If MacWorld did not add Flip Camera, iPhone 4 will be topping the chart, even for the point-and-shoot cameras from Samsung and Sony, yes it is that good. Even for the dedicated video device, The Flip, is it only slightly better than our multi-purpose iPhone 4. This should be due to the reason that iPhone 4 can shoot up to 720p video at 30FPS, which most phones can’t achieve at this point of time. But we have to say that audio quality in the iPhone 4 is still lagging behind others like Droid X and Samsung Galaxy.


Like you might have hear a couple of times, “the best camera is the camera that is always with you“, indeed iPhone 4 is the best camera in the smartphone market and it is also the camera that will always be with you. Making iPhone 4 the best of best camera you can get for now. [MacWorld]

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