Select Mac OS X Dialog using keyboard

Do you wish to select your options that was pop up to you in your Mac? This is something you can do with ease as a Windows user, but as a Mac switcher or a Mac user, it is not a easy task.

Just follow the steps below, and you can select options just like in Windows:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Keyboard -> Click on the Keyboard Shortcut Tab

3. Select All Controls for Full Keyboard Access

4. Next time when Dialog box appears -> Press on TAB -> You will see a blue box around the option after you tab

5. After you have selected the option you wish to select, Press on SPACE to select the option, and you are done!

Hope this 5 steps will help you next time when a dialog box appear in your life, and you will be able to select on the option without mouse nor trackpad!

So, what do you think ?