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iPad Camera Connection Kit Supports External Hard Drives after Jailbreak

We knew that iPad Camera Connection Kit supports USB Microphones, Headsets and keyboards, but now we discover it support even more stuff. It can actually support External Hard Drives! This is actually something that lots of people will be looking out for as Apple’s device don’t support Memory Cards or slots for it.

Please note that this will only work if you jailbreak your iPad, which we do think it is a good idea as it will unlock lots of features, making it a powerful “netbook” if you wanna put it this way.

For more information how you can do this on your own iPad, please check out Max’s website.

Is this how Apple sell their product to us?

This is how Apple sell their product to us? It seems so familiar right? But I have to say, even though we all know this, we still love Apple’s Product. Every time with new product released we still feel so excited ain’t we?

Click on the image to expand to full size!

Adobe respond to Steve Jobs comment by giving each employee Android phone with Flash

Following the recent slam from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs on why iPhone will not accept Flash into its platform, Adobe will be giving out to employee Android Phone loaded with Flash.

Adobe have mentioned to Cnet that they will be giving out to employee Android phone ranging from various HTC phones to Nexus One. Not only Android Phones will be given out, they will also ensure Flash can be loaded or are loaded before handing over to their staff.

Adobe is actually not the first company to do things like this, Google has a culture of giving out their Google’s Android phones to their staff as a practice.

Apple to shut down Music Streaming Service Lala on May 31

Lala have announced that from May 31 onwards, it will not be operating and all unused credits will be transferred to iTunes.

Lala is a music streaming service where you can stream your purchased music anywhere you are. but it was purchased by Apple last year for $85 million. It was mentioned that Lala executives will be playing very significant role in Apple’s iTunes strategy moving foward.

So what it means it that iTunes is going online? Music Streaming and online purchase without iTunes’s client? This will be good news to iTunes users as it is one of the major flaw of iTunes and music purchasing.

Hopefully we will be seeing iTunes-cloud or music streaming soon, hopefully this shut down will bring us good news in time to come.

Microsoft and Google both agree with Steve, HTML5 is the way to go

Just 1 day after Steve Jobs comment on Flash and HTML5, and why iPhone and iPad is only going to support HTML5, Microsoft also agreed with Jobs on HTML5  is the future of Web

Google’s Youtube is slowly shifting it focus to HTML5, as it is slowly stepping out from beta testing, Microsoft too, mentioned that Flash is not stable and is not optimized for Mobile Devices.

General Manager for Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch virtually repeated one of Job’s 6 pillars of no Flash in iPhone OS:

Flash reliability, security, and performance are not as good as Microsoft would like them.

But not long after Steve Jobs’ comment on Flash, Adobe’s CEO replied to Jobs’ comment :

If flash is the number 1 reason that Mac crash, which I’m not aware of, it has as much to do with Apple Mac OS.

Seems only only Adobe thinks so, as Microsoft also thinks that Reliability of Flash is not as good as they would like to have.

Apple now 3rd largest Smartphone vendor in the world

Global Smartphone sales has went up 50%, growing from 35.9 million units sold in the year ago quarter to 54 million units in the first quarter of 2010.

Report from MarketWatch citied figures from Stratgy Analytics, saying that smartphone now make up 18% of all phone sold.

Apple’s growth in smartphone industry is tremendous, being the youngest mobile vendor, Apple now grabs 16% of Smartphone Industry, just behind RIM and Nokia. Apple’s growth in the first quarter made it the number one mobile vendor in all US phone makers and reached a high of 3% global market shares of all phones.

We can see that Apple is slowly and steadying dominating the smartphone and maybe the whole mobile industry with it iPhone.

Apple launches iTunes Store Movie download in France and Ireland

Apple announced the launch of iTunes movie download for France and Ireland, offering both purchases and rental from major studios.

Apple’s movie rental program allows users 30 days from the time of payment in which to watch content, although once a movie has been started, customers have 48 hours to complete their viewing.

Apple launched movie purchases through the iTunes Store in the U.S. with Disney in late 2006, and has expanded both its content and geographic reach over the years. iTunes Store movie rentals first appeared in the U.S. in early 2008.

So when will iTunes Music and Movie be coming to Singapore?! We are still waiting…

Sending SMS from iPad 3G

No, There ain’t any App that will send SMS from iPad(yet), but jailbreakers and hackers have been trying to do it.

And it has been hacked, now you can SMS from iPad 3G natively but very primitively too.

The SMS messages were sent using a raw AT+CMGS command sent to the iPad baseband. That’s because so far, iPhone’s doesn’t run properly on the iPad.

Spirit to support untether jailbreak for iPad 3.2 and iPhone 3.1.3

Finally we are inching slowly toward iPad 3.2 and iPhone 3.1.3 untethered jailbreaks! Spirit will do untethered jailbreak for all iDevices, including the new 3G iPad and iPhone 3.1.3!

It is supposed to come out yesterday as mentioned by comex, the creator of Spirit, he said:

wahoofan5: @comex so when’s it coming out? At least give a month please
about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific in reply to comex

comex: @wahoofan5 Friday.
about 1 hour ago via web in reply to wahoofan5

But seems like it has been delayed, Comex has mentioned that he will not be releasing Spirit by friday, and haven’t confirmed a new date for release. But we have seen the video, it is quite successfully, just hope that he is just having minor issues on the software.