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Live Video Blimp controlled by iPad

So what you can do with iPad? Not just surfing the web, watch video, listen to music or play Plants vs Zombies. You can also write your own program and fly Blimp live streaming video from the camera attached to it. No? That’s what guys from BreakfastNY did.

Here’s their comment on it:

This year’s Design Week after-party featured a silent auction of 23 KidRobot Munny characters created by the world’s top industrial designers. To show off these creations to the thousand guests, we flew a 52″ camera-enabled blimp over their heads. The blimp (a modified BlimpDuino) was controlled by an iPad which was receiving the live video-feed from the cockpit. When guests looked up, they watched as their faces were transformed into those of the Munny characters up for auction. The feed also went up on a big screen at the event and the event’s site allowing everyone to get in on the action.

Don’t forget to check out their video and how they party with the flying blimp:

iPhone HD 4G Ads – Just for fun

No, iPhone HD or iPhone 4G has yet to be launch, not even officially announced by Apple. But Apple’s next generation iPhone already have its own Ads! What more, it even makes coffee!

Check out the fan-made ads:

All PopCap Mac Games for just $50

Incredible good offer from Mac PopCap Gamers, now you can have the entire library of PopCap’s games all for just USD$50!

The entire library of 13 games includes:

• Amazing Adventures 3: The Caribbean Secret
• Bejeweled 2
• Bookworm
• Chuzzle
• Escape Rosecliff Island
• Feeding Frenzy
• Iggle Pop
• Peggle
• Peggle Nights
• Plants Vs. Zombies
• Mystery P.I.: Lost in L.A.
• Zuma
• Zuma’s Revenge
This is a super cool deal if you play Popcap games, especially Plants vs Zombies which was made popular by its iPhone/iPad version.

New iPod Touch with 2MP Camera leaked by Vietnam yet again

Our Vietnam friend Tinhte has once again leaked out new version of iPod Touch, this time finally comes with camera. This is the 3rd leaked by Vietnam site Tinhte over the period of weeks!

First it was Macbook, then iPhone now it is iPod, seems like Vietnam is really the hot area for leaks recently, might be due to Apple shifting its manufacturing place to Vietnam rather than all in China?

Back to iPod Touch, it does not only have a new 2MP Camera, it is also seen that have 64GB, although we won’t know if it is the largest model that Apple will be releasing.

Check out the Leaked Video and some of its photo:

Select Mac OS X Dialog using keyboard

Do you wish to select your options that was pop up to you in your Mac? This is something you can do with ease as a Windows user, but as a Mac switcher or a Mac user, it is not a easy task.

Just follow the steps below, and you can select options just like in Windows:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Keyboard -> Click on the Keyboard Shortcut Tab

3. Select All Controls for Full Keyboard Access

4. Next time when Dialog box appears -> Press on TAB -> You will see a blue box around the option after you tab

5. After you have selected the option you wish to select, Press on SPACE to select the option, and you are done!

Hope this 5 steps will help you next time when a dialog box appear in your life, and you will be able to select on the option without mouse nor trackpad!

New Macbook Supports HDMI Video and Sound via Mini DisplayPort

We have just seen the refresh of the new Macbook yesterday, today Apple published a new Support document outlining the ports and connectors of the new Macbook, and HDMI Video and Sound output is finally supported via Mini DisplayPort!

This same function is also supported by the New Macbook Pro released just a few weeks ago, so now all of Apple’s Mobile Computing Line of Laptop supports HDMI video and sound output!

Macbook silently get refreshed with new graphics card

A few days ago, we heard news that new Macbook are going to get refreshed with new graphics card. Today it got official.

New Macbook are refreshed with New 2.4GHZ Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics Card, better battery(10hours of battery life).

What is surprising is that the Vietnam leaked video was totally correct with all the new specification. Seems like Vietnam is the new hot area for Apple leaks, and it seems to be pretty accurate.

Apple new Ad : iPad revolution has just begun

Apple has launch new Ads for iPad, previously we have seen Apple first launch its iPad’s Ads during Oscar. Now new iPad ads are seen posted on Youtube.

What is iPad?

It is thin, beautiful, goes anywhere and last all day. is what Apple wants you to think of iPad.

It’s already a revolution, and it’s only just begun

New leaks of iPhone next gen reveals A4 Processor & 256 RAM

Remember the lost iPhone next generation that Gizmodo bought? No hard specific hardwares were found, Gizmodo don’t even know what chip and how much ram and flash drive will it here.

Guys from Vietnam did it again, not only they got the facts, they also got the phone on their hands.

It reveals the marking APL0398, which is also on the A4 processor found inside the iPad. The rest of the markings — 339S0084, K4X2G643GE, and YN6024Z3 — are different, but the system-on-a-chip does include an Apple logo. It also shows 256 system RAM from Samsung.

Check out the video and also some of the photos captured by Taoviet.

Wireless iPhone Sync rejected by App Store, but available in Cydia

Apple rejected Wireless iPhone Sync which we have seen in video previously, we know that is it not going to be approved.

But nevertheless, it’s developer Greg Hughes turned to Cydia, after being rejected by App Store. Cydia – the jailbreak “app store” where you can find apps that can only be run on Jailbroken iPhones.

You can get the Wifi Sync App in Cydia now for USD$9.99

Hughes told Engadget that an Apple representative told him over the phone that the application was not specifically in violation of the terms of the iPhone OS developer agreement.

While he agreed that the app doesn’t technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store,” the developer said. “He also cited security concerns.

Check out the video: