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Video Conference coming to iPhone HD 4G

More evidence showing us that Next Generation iPhone will have Video Chat or Video Conferencing! It is quite exciting as lots of users wish to have this feature on iPhone especially when Skype and IM nowadays have video chat functions. This further confirmed that the front facing camera that we have seen in leaked iPhone is going to support video chat!

iPhone HD 4G Leaked Photos both in Black and White!

Is this the new Apple’s marketing strategy? I remember Apple is one of the most secretive company in the world, protecting their new innovations until the very last minute before the announcement of the product. But recently we have seen lots and lots of leaks from Apple, from iPhone to Macbooks. What is really going on? Although we still can’t confirm if the leaked photos are really what we will be seeing from Apple. But we will know it very soon, in 2 weeks time during WWDC!

Nevertheless, the leaked photos looks very close to production standard, make us wonder if this photos are taken at the production line, if it is, then this will definitely be what we will be buying!

Get A Mac Tribute as Apple puts an end to it

Its a pity that Apple is ending Get a Mac Ads Series, they are mostly very interesting and fun to watch. I’m sure they are one of the few creative ads we have seen around. But nevertheless, things got their lifecycle and we are sad that it is ending for Get a Mac.

But OneMoreThing’s have put together a tribute video for Get a Mac series and recap all the ads that they have shot.

Android for iPhone 3G available now!

We have all seen how Android can be installed and ran on iPhone 2G,(steps on installing android to iPhone 2G here), we have also seen how hacker successfully install Android onto iPhone 3G too.

Now you can also install Android to your own iPhone 3G by just following the steps posted on PCWorld by David Wang.

Please note that doing the installation are to be done if you have good knowledge on what you are doing, remember to do backups of your iPhone before proceeding with the steps.

There’s some drawbacks, David has yet to implement any sort of power management into Android for iPhone, so your fully-charged handset will only last about an hour before it shuts off. Also, if you want to switch back to the iPhone OS, you need to do a reboot.

Leave us a comment if you have install it onto your iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G! We would like to know if you have met any issues or problems! Thanks!

One and only iPhone App that help you save money

So what is this iPhone App about? It is bring Chinese Tradition of buying Hell Money to the dead to iPhone. So how does it help you save money?

You just have to buy the App at USD$0.99 once, and you can wire Hell Bank money to the deads! How cool is it?

PS: This is just a fun App, don’t treat it too seriously ok?

91% Consumer Satisfaction rate for iPad

Apple always have very high satisfaction rate for most of their products. But it is quite surprising that iPad have gotten 91% Satisfaction rate as it is a first generation product.

ChangeWave’s survey of 153 new iPad owners found that 74 percent said they are “very satisfied” with their purchase, and another 17 percent are “somewhat satisfied.” Just 2 percent said they were unsatisfied.

“The iPad ratings are nearly identical to the highest rated Smart Phone among consumers — the Apple iPhone,” the report said. “But we note that Apple has now reached these nosebleed levels with a brand new product.”

Let’s stay tuned to see if next generation iPad will have even better rate or not!

iPhone HD 4G in White

Apple fans are very creative, they have rendered White iPhone HD/4G even before anyone has confirm there is a full White body for next generation iPhone. This is all driven by the rumored leak photos from yesterday’s post.

ispazio rendered a set of very cool realistic 3D picture of iPhone HD with full white body.

How do you like the new Full White body iPhone? It looks very cool, but personally I prefer the black ones. Leave a comment and tell us, if you like the full white or just white for the back like 3G or 3GS

Next Gen iPhone (HD/4G) coming with white front panel?

For the past few generation of iPhone, even if the backing is white, the front panel are always black. But for the next generation iPhone, it might be different! Leak photos are seen that new gen iPhone do come with new front panel rather than only black!

The front panel match closely to the leaked iPhone from Gizmodo and the one filmed in Vietnam, so it seems to be quite true that we are going to see “fully” white iPhone in time to come…

Customizable Dictionary for iPhone OS 4

iPhone users can finally edit or add words into iPhone’s Dictionary, a feature missing from iPhone’s OS.

Many many new features are coming to iPhone OS 4, we have seen the main 7 feature during the Apple Keynote by Steve Jobs, but many minor features are slowly appearing through the beta releases for iPhone OS 4 beta.

Users will be able to customize their dictionary and adding words into dictionary, for example when i type “Lah”, dictionary will prompt me to change to “Lag” which is not what I want. For iPhone OS 4, we can add new words like “Lah” to Dictionary.

Other minor features that will be iPhone OS:

File & delete Mail search results
Search SMS/MMS messages
Web search suggestions
Choose image size in Mail messages
Bluetooth keyboards
CalDav invitations
Larger fonts for Mail, SMS & alerts
Cell data only setting
Spell check
Persistent Wi-Fi
Gift Apps
Birthday calendar
Recent Web searches
Create Playlists
Top Hit in search
5x digital zoom
Nested Playlists
Tap to focus video
Upload workouts to Nike+
Places in Photos
iPod Out
Home screen wallpaper
Search SMS/MMS messages
Wake on wireless

iPhone OS 4 will be coming to us by Summer 2010, so I’m sure everyone will be eagerly waiting! [AppleInsider]