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iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Jailbroken on 3GS by former Apple Employee

Kaatje, a former employee of Apple have jailbroken iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 on a iPhone 3GS! But it is still a work-in-progress thingy, which she have mentioned it is not prefect yet. Quite a few cydia apps can be installed but some might crash, thus she is not planning to release this version of jailbreaking tool. We ain’t too sure if she will be releasing a version of her jailbreaking tools, but lets wait and see if she release it.

Check out her blog for more information!

iPad Hit BIG in Australia, Japan and UK

iPad is very successful in US, but iPad is also super successful internationally! Even before international launch, it is reported that 25% of traffic of iPad came from out of US. Today is the launch of iPad in Japan and Australia, hundred and thousands are outside of Apple Store queuing for their turn to buy iPad.

Rahul Koduri took a day off, queued outside of Sydney’s Apple Store for more than 30hours before he become the first guy to take iPad out of Australia’s Apple Store.

“It’s fantastic, it was so worth the wait,” said the 22-year-old.

Not only iPad is a hit in Australia, it is also so in Japan.

The Times said 1200 people had lined up at the Apple Store in central Tokyo for the launch of iPad.

Japanese Content will be coming huge to iPad

“Japan’s publishers, which have long been cautious in moving online,” the report noted, “are racing to offer their titles on the iPad.” It cited Shufunotomo, a major women’s magazine, as saying it will open an electronic bookstore for iPad with about 50 magazines and books. The report also noted Yahoo Japan plans to offer 100 free comics for iPad users.

FireFox Home iPhone App “Remote” To Your Desktop Firefox Session

Mozilla is bringing something new to us, allowing iPhone Users to be able to access your desktop’s FireFox session, tabs, bookmarks and browsing history! No, it is not a browser, it is FireFox Home App, which allow you to access virtually your whole FireFox browser’s informations and tabs.

What’s more, it provides Firefox “Awesome Bar” capability that enables people to get to their favorite web sites with minimal typing.

Check out the video for a quick demo of it, and stay tuned for more information on launch date!

AdMob reported 25% of iPad Traffic is outside of US

Although iPad is not yet launch internationally, but Admob reported 25% of iPad’s traffic came outside of US! This is quite a huge percentage as iPad can only be bought outside of US by sites like eBay or if users went to US and personally bought it.

This number is already amazing, but we are sure the number will raise even more once iPad is launch internationally. Having this report, we really hope Apple can launch iPad internationally earlier, especially countries like Singapore and Australia where we need to wait till July to get them! [AdMob]

30% of Netbook buyers might end up buying iPad!

After the announcement of iPad, some Netbook potential buyers have held on, wait and see if iPad is as good or better than expected. Seems like throughout the polling size of 1000 distributed across age, gender and income, 30% of potential netbook buyer have end up buying iPad!

Not only that 78% of surveyed personal thinks that they will buy iPad instead of Netbook! That is quite a huge percentage taking that iPad just recently launched and it is still a first generation product.

So what are still keeping people from buying Netbook instead of laptop? It is the price, weight and battery life.

If Apple can reduce price of iPad, iPad will be having more pro than any netbook in the world. iPad is already much much lighter than any netbooks, battery life is at least double of any netbook available in the market now. So if Apple can get iPad’s price lower, I’m sure the sales of iPad will definitely go up by many percent!

Cheap and Fast way to get your iPad Stand

Cheap and fast way to get your iPad stand! Many shops are already selling iPad stands and how they can help you in your reading, typing, watching of movies. But this stand, can do it all, plus it is cheap and you can actually use it and throw it if you don’t mind! Haha

Check out the video!

Google Chrome for Mac out of Beta now!

Google Chrome for Mac finally leaves Beta and is now a stable version! Google Chrome can be said as the fastest browser available in the market now, at least from my opinion. I have been using Google Chrome on Windows when it first launch, and using it on my mac when it first launch for Mac.

From my experience Google Chrome for Mac is getting better, faster and more stable over the past years. They also launch extensions for Google Chrome for Mac recently, do check it out as they really help and make browsing more enjoyable!

Download Google Chrome for Mac now!

Jobs ensured we won’t be disappointed with the announcements coming from WWDC2010

Recently Google updated their Android to 2.2, which includes features like wireless music sync, which iTunes don’t have. WebM/VP8 going against Apple’s support for h.264 and even GoogleTV which is targeted to AppleTV.

But which this email from jobs, can we tell ourselves that something big is coming? Although we have already seen the iPhone Next Gen, we are still not sure what will be coming other than that!

Back to School Promotion finally back!

Back to School Promotion is finally back! Now you can get a free iPod with every purchase of iMac or Macbook/Macbook Pro!

If you wish to buy Macbook/Macbook Pro, now is the best time as they have just been refreshed, and you can get a new 8GB iPod Touch free! But if you wish to buy iMac, you can also buy, but who knows there might be a refresh of iMac during WWDC?

Check out the FAQ from Apple before buying to see if you are qualified!