Microsoft and Google both agree with Steve, HTML5 is the way to go

Just 1 day after Steve Jobs comment on Flash and HTML5, and why iPhone and iPad is only going to support HTML5, Microsoft also agreed with Jobs on HTML5  is the future of Web

Google’s Youtube is slowly shifting it focus to HTML5, as it is slowly stepping out from beta testing, Microsoft too, mentioned that Flash is not stable and is not optimized for Mobile Devices.

General Manager for Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch virtually repeated one of Job’s 6 pillars of no Flash in iPhone OS:

Flash reliability, security, and performance are not as good as Microsoft would like them.

But not long after Steve Jobs’ comment on Flash, Adobe’s CEO replied to Jobs’ comment :

If flash is the number 1 reason that Mac crash, which I’m not aware of, it has as much to do with Apple Mac OS.

Seems only only Adobe thinks so, as Microsoft also thinks that Reliability of Flash is not as good as they would like to have.

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