iPad Hit BIG in Australia, Japan and UK

iPad is very successful in US, but iPad is also super successful internationally! Even before international launch, it is reported that 25% of traffic of iPad came from out of US. Today is the launch of iPad in Japan and Australia, hundred and thousands are outside of Apple Store queuing for their turn to buy iPad.

Rahul Koduri took a day off, queued outside of Sydney’s Apple Store for more than 30hours before he become the first guy to take iPad out of Australia’s Apple Store.

“It’s fantastic, it was so worth the wait,” said the 22-year-old.

Not only iPad is a hit in Australia, it is also so in Japan.

The Times said 1200 people had lined up at the Apple Store in central Tokyo for the launch of iPad.

Japanese Content will be coming huge to iPad

“Japan’s publishers, which have long been cautious in moving online,” the report noted, “are racing to offer their titles on the iPad.” It cited Shufunotomo, a major women’s magazine, as saying it will open an electronic bookstore for iPad with about 50 magazines and books. The report also noted Yahoo Japan plans to offer 100 free comics for iPad users.


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