AppleTV to go iPhone Size Storage on Cloud, Cost $99

Engadget reported that next generation AppleTV might have the size of an iPhone, with just 16 Gb of Storage, A4 Chip, 1080p HD output with Cloud Storage and cost only $99! This will be the best TV Device to ever appear on the surface of the Earth if this is true.

Who want their living room to be crowded with devices that are the size of your DVD player and you got to put one over another one endlessly. Imagine a device with the size of iPhone(without screen), 16 gb storage for Apps, and all your movies, songs, podcast stored on cloud. You will never gonna worried about AppleTV running out of space, or the need for you to archive them.

It is a no-brainer success for this product, and we do hope this is coming to us ASAP!

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