Apple to shut down Music Streaming Service Lala on May 31

Lala have announced that from May 31 onwards, it will not be operating and all unused credits will be transferred to iTunes.

Lala is a music streaming service where you can stream your purchased music anywhere you are. but it was purchased by Apple last year for $85 million. It was mentioned that Lala¬†executives¬†will be playing very significant role in Apple’s iTunes strategy moving foward.

So what it means it that iTunes is going online? Music Streaming and online purchase without iTunes’s client? This will be good news to iTunes users as it is one of the major flaw of iTunes and music purchasing.

Hopefully we will be seeing iTunes-cloud or music streaming soon, hopefully this shut down will bring us good news in time to come.

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  • Reply Richard Urwin |

    Why should Lala users have to work out what to do about their music stored on Lala’s servers? Apple should continue to offer the Lala service as designed to the people who signed up for it. At Psonar we will never do anything that denies people perpetual access to the music they uploaded to Psonar:

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