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MicroSim Cards in Singapore now!

MicroSim Cards have reached the island of Singapore, but what is interesting is that Singapore is selling MicroSim Cards even before any device in Singapore is actually using it. Ok, there are a number of iPads which Singaporean have buy from US or even countries like Australia, Japan or even UK after the international launch.

iPad will only reach Singapore around July 2010, but M1 and Starhub have already started selling MicroSim Cards last saturday and Singtel is joining them tomorrow!

This is a good news as there are many who actually damaged their Sim Card while trying to trim them to MicroSim Card size, so which our Telecos selling their early, we can see lesser damaged Sim Cards and more MicroSim Cards Sales. Although we have also seen product that help you cut your Sim Card into MicroSim Card Size! [dk]

iPed, China’s $150 iPad Clone

This is not the first time are seeing Apple’s knockoff Product from China, we have seen iPod Touch, iPod, iPhones and more. Now they have come out with their brand new clone, iPed!

Overall it looks like iPad from far, but if you look closer, it is not the same. It is running Android, powered by Intel, contains 128mb of memory and 16GB of storage.

Check out the video of the iPad Clone:

AppleTV to go iPhone Size Storage on Cloud, Cost $99

Engadget reported that next generation AppleTV might have the size of an iPhone, with just 16 Gb of Storage, A4 Chip, 1080p HD output with Cloud Storage and cost only $99! This will be the best TV Device to ever appear on the surface of the Earth if this is true.

Who want their living room to be crowded with devices that are the size of your DVD player and you got to put one over another one endlessly. Imagine a device with the size of iPhone(without screen), 16 gb storage for Apps, and all your movies, songs, podcast stored on cloud. You will never gonna worried about AppleTV running out of space, or the need for you to archive them.

It is a no-brainer success for this product, and we do hope this is coming to us ASAP!

Need to Repair your iPhone Screen? Don’t Worry, a 10 years old Kid can do it, so can you!

10 years old boy Brett, fixed cracked iPhone Screen all by himself. If you are wondering should you fix your iPhone Screen next time if it crack, take him as an example. If he can do it, so can you!

Brett managed to fix his own iPhone 3GS Screen, after purchasing screen from some 3rd party vendor, and replaced the screen by myself. Doing a job that will cost you $200 if you go to a Apple Store. He spent a total of $20 on the screen, tools and tape, the whole operation took him 40 minutes but it is time well spent. Not only he learnt something new through the process, he also gain patience and even knowledge of iPhone’s Hardware.

Problems cutting your SIM Card into MircoSim? Worry no more!

Apple have one again push for innovation and what is good for the future than what is good now. Apple have been pushing HTML5 rather than maintaining at current technology like Flash. Now they are also pushing Mirco-Sim for iPad and the next generation iPhone causing lots of mobile carrier to change their standard too.

But what if your carrier haven’t yet support micro-sim? How do you cut them? Now you don’t have to worry. Creative company cutmysim have came out with a cutter that will do the job.

They are selling a piece at $29, check them out at

Skype 2.0 Update finally allows Voice Call over 3G Network!

We have been waiting for Skype to update their App for quite sometime, after Apple finally approved Voice Call over 3G Network, as we have seen Fring updated their App.

Finally Skype updated their App today to allow 3G Voice Calling over 3G! What a huge deal, as you can save tons of phone bills by Skype calling rather than native voice call, especially overseas ones. So don’t wait, update your Skype App to 2.0 today and don’t look back!

So what’s next for Skype? I am hoping for Video Call as the rumored next generation iPhone will have front-facing camera, and it is just common sense for Skype to do a update on it as Fring as usual have already made that move.

White iPhone HD/4G on Video

Remember the White iPhone HD/4G leaked photos? Now they have it on Video! Although the Video is not really impressive, they did not on nor turn the phone in anywhere, just hold it, zoom in and that’s all. Hopefully we will be seeing white iPhone as I’m sure lots of girls will be interested in buying a full-white body iPhone.

Tallest Wedded Couple bought iPad in UK Apple Store

Tallest Married Couple in the world appeared in London’s Apple Store to get their hands on iPad on the launch day. This is obviously a PR Stunt, but they are really a sweet couple. Appearing in their bridal attire and how can they leave without leaving a kiss photo to the world?

They are also the tallest ever couple to be in Apple’s Store although they ain’t the first couple in Apple Store. Remember how a couple get married in Apple Store without seeking Apple’s permission?

iPad is nevertheless enjoying their good result internationally, not only in London, Australia and Japan. [wired]

iPad Craze in Japan Launch[Video]

Yesterday we posted on how international launch for iPad is so successful, today we have gotten video from Japan. There are over 1200 outside of Apple Store 8 hours before the iPad launch and all are so excited that they are finally getting theirs. Although reports found out that 25% of iPad traffic is already from outside of US even before the international launch!

Check out the video from Japan, it is as big as US launch: