What price to pay for iPhone HD prototype? Not $5000, but a raid.

No, the price is not just $5000, Gizmodo’s editor’s house was raid by police and his computers, iPad and storage were all seized for investigation.

Search Warrant was issued to Jason Chen, not only police searched his house and car, they even seized his computers!

Quite a few equipments of his were seized, stuff like Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, some external hard disks, flash drives. I’m sure Jason was shocked when he return home to find policemen in his house and searching it.

Below are Jason’s account on what happened :

To me, it is quite a huge price to pay, just to obtain a unreleased prototype Apple iPhone, caused you to be entangled in court cases, police searching your house and seizing your properties. Is the price too much to pay for?

So, what do you think ?