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iPhone OS 4.0 announcement on 8th of April!

News is spreading! Apple just announcement that they will be giving us a sneak preview on 8th April! It’s only 5 days after the launch of iPad!
That is something we have not really seen Apple done.

Although we don’t have any information of the sneak preview.. But we all know lots of new things will be in..

Maybe the long waited multitasking!

6 icons rather than 4 on iPad’s bottom dock!

By default, iPad’s bottom dock only holds 4 icons, which is the same as iPhone, but iPad have so much a larger screen. Worry no more! You can actually put 6 not 4 icons on the iPad’s dock!

Now it actually looks better as there are really too much empty space if your dock only holds 4. With more icons, also means you can get to the App you want faster and easier!

By clicking on and holding the on any icons (like what you do normally for iPhone or iPod Touch), the apps can be rearrange. Just drag 2 more icons into the bottom dock and they will stay there!

Thanks gizmodo for finding this trick.

Smash iPad with baseball bat? [video]

Lots of people buy iPad because they want to use it at home, use it while watching TV. Use iPad while preparing dinner or even in toilet. But apparently, this guy in this video, bought iPad just to smash it into pieces!

It is either he is a Apple hater or he just have too much money to spend! If so, why not sponsor us the iPad?! Haha. Please send your details if you are interested in sending us 1. Thanks!

Gaming on iPad gonna rock?! [Video]

We all know how gaming will be HUGE in iPad, not only the screen is huge, the processing power, the rendering power, the graphics power. Now with services like OTOY or onLive, you can now play Full-blown PC/Mac games on iPad!

Techcrunch has shown us a early footage of what iPad can achieve with it Wifi and processing power. Gaming will be HUGE in iPad. I have to agree… We have to agree…

Windows 7 on the iPad [Video]

iPad might be your best home entertainment product ever produced. You can watch movies, dramas, youtube videos, surf the web, listen to podcast, listen to music, browse your photo taken from your vacation.
You can now tweet in your dinning room, check your mails on your bed, blog while watching TV with your wife, and still look stylo-milo!

What you can do now even if to access your Home or Work PC/Mac via Desktop connect and access your work computer whereever you are!

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iPad is much faster than iPhone 3GS

Gizmodo did a SPEED test, loading both apps at the same time to see if iPad’s A4 chip will have faster performance than iPhone 3GS existing hardware.
It seems that iPad is really faster in loading games, rendering Google Maps and so on.

Another impressing product by Apple, they really nail the usability that lots of product company fails to understand.

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iPad is here!

Apple sent out email to all iTunes Users telling us, iPad is here!

You can buy your iPad by clicking the image, but I don’t earn any commission. 🙂 Enjoy your iPad!

iDisplay – Use iPad or iPhone as your 2nd monitor

ShapeServices just came out with a new Apps for both your iPad and iPhone. After installing the App and plug-in in your Mac, you can use iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch as your 2nd external monitor! How cool is that?

Now you can increase your screen size, doing things like twittering, IM, or checks your email using the extra screen you get from iPad/iPhone! It is using WiFi thus you can bring it around the room without have to worry about the cables and wires!

Introduction Price $4.99

Download the Mac OS X plug-in for iDisplay Desktop here

Everything on News right now are all iPad!

Even Stephen Colbert love his iPad. Colbert first publicly shown off his iPad during Grammys, using iPad to announce the “Song of The Year” award. Now he also talked iPad on his show. Makes me wonder if Apple is paying so many of them, or they just love iPad?

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thousands of iPad Apps are in iTunes App Store now!

Days before iPad is launch, Apple has launch their iPad App Store. It is sharing the same App Store with iPhone, with just a tab to select whether you want to browse the iPhone or iPad store. Nevertheless, thousands of Apps are approved for iPad, and numbers of iPad Apps downloads are sure to be more thousands.

Honestly, to my knowledge, we have not seen a product have so many Apps before it is launch. Imagine how many developers and effort were put into all this approved apps, way back in time before iPad is launch? I’m sure developer start coding the first day iPad was announced.

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